What Causes Mid Back Pain

Mid back pain

Mid back pain

Having back pain is one of the most unpleasant afflictions that a person can have.  There are more obvious disabilities that stand out more, but chronic back pain is one of those things that causes you constant distress and can be virtually impossible to get rid of without serious medication or even painful surgery.

Once something happens to you that causes back pain, it is possible that you will have to live with it for the rest of your life.  However, some people are lucky enough for their particular problem to be fixable.  It is important to educate yourself about back pain so that you can prevent yourself from having to deal with it, and if you do end up with back pain, then you need to know what your next step should be.

Mid back pain can happen anywhere from the base of your neck to the bottom of your rib cage. The typical symptom is pain in the region between your shoulder blades when you twist your back or move in specific directions. The pain can be stabbing and radiates from the side to the front of your ribs. It can be caused by many different things.  Some of them are simply unfortunate events such as car accidents or overuse of muscles and ligaments that support your spine. However, many of the common causes of back pain can in fact be avoided if you know how to do it.

One of the most common causes of back pain which so many people do to themselves is just trying to do something that is beyond their physical capability.  Most often this is playing a weekend sports game or taking care of those obnoxious household chores that people put off for as long as possible.  The problem occurs when people play as hard as they can but don’t actually train or exercise enough to handle it.  This results in a lot of strains and pulls that could be avoided.  Another big risk is the impact injuries caused by those tackle football games that get a little rough or a fall off an unsteady ladder.

These simple injuries that seem so common and minor most of the time can result in permanent damage that seriously impacts the rest of your life.  Luckily, avoiding them can be fairly simple.  When you’re out being a weekend warrior, be it playing sports with the guys or just enjoying a game of golf, try to take it a little easy.  That doesn’t mean don’t be competitive, just try not to do anything that is likely to hurt you.  The same goes for when you’re working at home.  Instead of leaning that ladder up precariously, try to find some nice solid ground, and if you can get someone to hold it for you, even better.

Another really common cause of back pain is bad lifting technique.  Countless people end up hurting themselves for days, weeks, or even their entire lives just by not taking a moment to think about how they are lifting.  This can happen in almost any situation.  Picking your kids up, bringing in some firewood, or moving boxes at work.  Any time you are lifting something that is a bit heavy, you are risking your back, but again, if you take some time to plan your lift, you can do it without any problem.

The first thing you should do to avoid hurting yourself when lifting is to bend your knees, not your back.  The worst thing you can do to yourself is to bend your back when lifting something heavy.  Also, make sure the item is not more than 20% of your body weight and keep it close to your body.  It is important that you don’t twist or pivot when lifting as that places additional strain on your back.

The third major cause of back pain that has only become a problem in our modern world is sitting with bad posture for extended periods of time.  It is generally caused by sitting at a computer at work or home, watching TV for hours on end, or sitting in traffic during your daily commute.  Any time when you are just sitting still, you are slowly hurting your back.  This obviously isn’t an issue in the short term, but over the course of years it can result in real damage.

The solution to this risk is luckily fairly simple.  For one thing, try to get up and move a bit, about once every 20 minutes or so.  This gets the blood flowing in your back which cushions your vertebrae.  Also, when you’re sitting, try to sit with good posture with your back straight instead of leaning forward.  Having a chair that properly supports your back and takes the stress off your spine can go a long ways towards stopping mid back pain as well.

If you keep these few common risks of back pain in mind and take the proper steps towards preventing them, then you’ve just eliminated a lot of the likelihood that you will encounter back problems.  However, if you already have mid back pain, then you are undoubtedly wondering what you can do to relieve it.

Really the best thing to do is to talk to a doctor.  It is important to contact a medical professional who can tell you exactly what your specific back problem is so that you can get relief from it.  After you have a better idea of exactly what is wrong, then you can start looking at the various options out there for treating it.  If your back injury is really severe, then surgery may be your only option, or at least prescription strength drugs.  However, if it isn’t so bad, then you can look at less radical treatment such as therapeutic exercises and homeopathic remedies.  These options can’t reverse serious damage, but they can do a very good job of bringing relief.

Mid back pain can range in severity, but if you take steps to prevent it then you can often avoid it altogether.  If you are one of the unlucky souls to end up with serious back pain, then you shouldn’t delay treatment.  At the very least you need to find out how to prevent making it any worse.  Taking a doctor’s advice can go a long way towards relief.

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  2. David Bolding Sr says:

    I’m dealing with multiple issues in lower to mid to upper back. The issues stem from moderate nerve damage, 3 discs with tears in them, 5 bulding discs from L1 to S1, Stenosis surronding the nerves on the exterior portion of spine, chronic to severe pain daily and massive muscle spasms that are causing severe cramping in the back that makes it difficult to breathe. How do I manage this multiple level condition and keep my mind focused on a possible recovery. I find it very difficult to focus and think clearly for long times now. II’m in so much pain daily it scares me and I have not been able to sleep for a full night since 3-2004. How do I stay motivated threw these exhausting challenges daily? My legs experience stinging sensations from the nerves being disrupted and damaged when a chair cut through my back in 2004 and back became injured again when a Officer attempted to yank me out of my vehicle over a simple tag issue. How do I get the back to relax enough and more sleep so the body can began the healing process of the nerves and possibly the torn discs that are still present? I NEED HELP WITH THIS BECAUSE I CAN’T DO IT ALONE??????? I have tried everything praying, water therapy, medications, meditation, acupincture, electronic stimulation, 3 Epidorals which only gave me hours of relief, Over a 200 trigger point injections since 2004, X-Rays, Nerve Conduction Study in which determined the moderate nerve damage in my back, mind over body sessions, decompression treatment, back braces, ice, heat, physical therapy, massages and etc. Do you know of any other type of treatments that could be of help???? Thanks for the feedback!!!!!!

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