Common Neck Pain Causes

Neck Pain Causes

Neck Pain Causes

There are many common neck pain causes and some are the result of injury to soft tissues like muscles, tendons and ligaments. Neck pain goes hand in hand with shoulder pain and both can be experienced based on a number of reasons. There are three major reasons for neck pain namely the activities people acquire in routine life, injury on or near the neck and other medical conditions.

Activities Causing Neck Pain

Most people suffer from neck pain because of repeated or prolonged postures while carrying out activities. These postures put strain on the neck and shoulder region causing strain, sprain or spasm in the neck muscles and joints. A few positions that can result in a number of neck pains include the following:

-          While working, reading, writing or just watching TV some people hold their head in a forward position. This happens unknowingly and results in neck pain requiring treatment.

-          Sleeping in a pillow at the neck is not comfortable in. This varies in different people as some find it easy to lie on a flat pillow and some on a high pillow. The sleeping position can cause the neck to twist and bend causing strain in the neck muscles. Jobs like painting ceilings or working with heads bent backward while looking up is also a common cause of neck injury.

Apart from these routine activities that people perform taking too much stress or tension can also result in muscle strain that connects the head, neck and shoulders. Numerous neck pain causes are a result of taking too much pressure on the head.

Injuries Causing Neck Pain

Several injuries can also result in neck pain like whiplash, falling from heights, sports related incidents, blows on the face or strangulation. These injuries can affect the cervical spine that connects the head and neck to the back. Whiplash is the most common neck injury that results in neck pain.

Medical Conditions Causing Neck Pain

Many people do not know this fact but several medical problems are the common causes of neck pain that result in damage running through the neck region. A common medical condition is age. Mostly people suffer from condition of arthritis which results in cervical spondylosis – changes in the bones, joints and discs of the neck. Apart from this narrowing of the spinal canal can also result in a prolonged case of neck pain.

Meningitis and flue also tend to put pressure on the neck and head region. This results in inflammation of tissues around the spinal cord. Other conditions like muscle tightness, rheumatoid arthritis and infection around the neck can also result in sever neck and back pain.

Neck pain causes must be analyzed for successful treatment. Certain tests and x-rays might also be required to know the exact condition of the spine. Injuries require patients to undergo CT scans and MRI scans. Neck pains and injuries can also result in chronic headaches which can only be cured through oral medications. Neck pain must be taken care or immediately because it can greatly impact the routine life.

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