Effective Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain Relief

There are three effective ways for lower back pain relief at home and they are: modalities, exercises and stretches.  When these three treatments are thoroughly put into practice, the pains in the lower back will be significantly reduced and flexibility and strength will return to the muscles. Lower back pain is a problem that is common to many people.  The pain is normally caused by riding on two wheelers all the time, improper cushioning on the seats, lifting heavy weights, sitting in a wrong position, etc.  The three treatments for lower back pain are explained in details below.

Back pain relief - hot and cold pads

Back pain relief - hot and cold pads

Modalities treatments involve all kinds of therapeutic treatment including heat and cold, medications, using massage equipment etc.  The best home treatment for lower back pain relief is heat and cold.  Hot and cold packs can be used for this treatment. When these two are combined together, it will provide a good relief from the pain and also heighten the healing process in the affected area.   Applying heat pack to the lower back will enhance the flow of blood. It will also assist the muscle to relax and gets more flexible and as a result of that reduces the tightness at the lower back.  On the other hand, applying cold pack will help to constrict the muscles and reduce the flow of blood to the affected area.  When the cold pack is removed, fresh blood will move to the tightened muscles and create a good environment for the affected area to heal properly.  Also, the cold pack will reduce swelling in the affected area.

The second treatment for lower back pain relief at home is exercise.  This is required for total recovery.  It is necessary to have an understanding of the benefits of exercises. There are strengthening exercises that will help the muscles to relax appropriately.  Knowing the right strengthening exercises to engage in is a very important issue. An example of a good exercise is by lying on the stomach and raising the chest using the elbows.  The hips should be rested on the ground.  This exercise will stretch the back and also relaxes the lower back muscles.

The third and last treatment for lower back pain relief is stretching.  Some kind of stretches work best for reducing and alleviating the lower back pain.  Knowing the right stretches to use will work effectively in reducing the pain in no time.  This is why back pain sufferers cannot just use any form of stretching to reduce the pain.  It is important to know the muscle groups that are affected and causing pain at the lower back so that specific stretches will help in eliminating the pain.

People who have back pain need not suffer in silence any more as there are home treatments which will effectively provide lower back pain relief.  The pain can be excessive at times making it difficult to perform daily activities.  As explained above, therapeutic treatment can be used. Apart from that, hot and cold treatment can also be applied to the affected areas and last but not the least is the use of stretching to provide lower back pain relief.

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