Top 3 Reasons For Buying Foam Mattresses

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For months, my back was aching so much that my husband pushed me to see a back specialist. After thorough questioning, the specialist determined that my mattress was the cause of my pain and recommended that I use a memory foam mattress. I had heard of these mattresses, but had always owned regular spring mattresses, so I did a little research to make sure the investment in a new mattress would be worth it.

After searching through a variety of sites and consumer reviews, plus asking for recommendations from friends and family, I learned that memory foam mattresses feature sophisticated technology that could help me sleep much more comfortably. Here are a few of the perks I discovered:

Memory foam caters to different consumers

These mattresses feature sturdy construction for durability and functionality. Some memory foam mattresses adjust to different body types and specific needs, as well. One mattress has a ventilation system to help warm bodies stay cool; another comforts tense muscles. Some of these mattresses are even made of natural, sustainable materials, which will please environmentally friendly consumers. My research showed me that memory foam mattresses can be perfectly suited for almost anyone.

Different types of accessories and features available

Some of the top memory foam accessories and features that interest consumers are toppers, pillows and massagers. In terms of toppers, I would recommend one that is removable and washable. Since I am a mother, it’s important for me to keep my home as clean as possible. I try to be environmentally responsible, as well, so finding eco-friendly foam is a big plus.

Pillows that provide contouring alignment are also a big help, because I tend to roll around a bit before I fall asleep. The massagers provide even more comfort. They have different speeds and settings that can be customized to your preferences. All of these accessories will help you get the best sleep possible.

Rave reviews 

The people I know who use memory foam mattresses give them rave reviews. At first, users of this type of mattresses need time to adjust, because the body is so used to a firmer bed. However, longtime users liken the experience of sleeping on memory foam to sleeping on a cloud. Memory foam will contour perfectly to the body and support it, without adding pressure to tense muscles.

After all this research, there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to happily invest in a memory foam mattress. It is truly amazing how this type of mattress has improved my quality of life.


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