Symptoms And Treatment For Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc

Slipped disc does not literally mean that the disc is slipped. It is a term usually used to refer to bulging disc or herniated disc. People who have the condition have the symptoms of back pain or sciatica. Slipped disc conditions can be very painful. Back pain therapy for slipped disc can be very easy and this does not mean that the disc will slip back into place. Back pain symptoms can be treated effectively at home. The services of a physician, physical therapist and chiropractor can be employed for effective and fast result.

Exercises are also a good form of treating slipped disc. However, care must be taken to avoid an aggravation of the symptoms by using improper form of exercises. This is why sufferers will need to consult their doctors before commencing any back pain exercise programs. Any exercise which has to do with instituting a flexion pattern of the lumbar spine should be avoided. Such exercises includes crunches, single and double knee to chest etc are not good for the slipped disc. Rather, exercises that focus on the spine such as prone press up should be used.

These types of exercises that focuses on the spine’s extension are known as the McKenzie method” exercise method. Most physical therapists use it in healing slipped disc. People can learn how to do McKenzie exercises on their own. There are books that are written on the subject and available for purchase on the internet. The instructions in the book can be followed to provide information on how to cure slipped disc at home.

A good option of curing slipped disc is positional distraction. This is something like using traction but it is not irritating. The method provides better result for slipped disc patients. Though there is no clinical experiments to back up the proof of its effectiveness, people can still try it out as an option to help in healing slipped disc.
People with slipped disc problems also make use of hot pack to relief the symptoms. People combine both the cold and hot pack together to help in relieving bulged disc problems. However, it is advisable to apply the cold packs first and foremost to tighten up the muscles in the area. When it is removed, the hot pack should be used to provide relaxation to the muscles.

Back pain caused by slipped disc can be healed totally by paying attention to the points raised above. There is no need to panic when diagnosed with the condition. Several treatments can be used such as exercises which can help to reduce the pain and push the disc back into place. Apart from that, positional distraction can also be used and lastly hot and cold packs can be placed on the affected area to help relax the muscle to reduce pains. However, people with bulged disc need to be patient when going through the recovery process as it may take a little bit of time to get the condition back into normal.

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