Steering Clear Of Lower Back Pain

As our lifestyles get from bad to worse, lots of folks will suffer from muscle aches, one of

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

them being a lower back pain. Medically, the condition is referred to as Sacro-lliac and is a common problem that affects the muscles on the lower back.

The commonly identified cause of a lower back pain is severe pressure to the muscles located on that region. If a strain is evident around the spine and pelvic bones, a bottom vertebral dysfunction will likely happen. This condition also cannot go untreated lest it sparks a series of unbearable aches; but how about preventing the condition all together.

You don’t have to wake up to an aching bottom if you can make a few changes in your lifestyle. Lower backside aches come as a result of muscle strains, and it is wise to adopt an exercise routine. Strengthening the bottom muscles help withstand straining better; so you can get a list of exercise procedures that target the lower spinal region to improve it. The trick here is to stick to the routine; a good number of us can’t stick to a simple routine, especially when it getting tedious and boring. But remember, we are trying to save ourselves unnecessary hospital expenses.

Secondly, have you considered changing your sitting or standing position? Believe it or not a good percentage of lower backside pains come as a result of straining due to poor sitting conditions; standing inclusive. When it comes to sitting, always make sure you are up straight with the feet flat on the ground. Your knees should be in line with your hips and avoid crossing of the legs often unless when you are getting a good stretch. A good standing position is when the ears, shoulders, hips and knees are in line with each other; always avoiding hunching when using your computer.

High heeled shoes are a good fashion statement in women but a disaster to your lower back. High heeled shoes do cause lower back aches since they strain your bottom rear a lot when you walk. So here is a simple remedy for you; the next time you go out shopping, why not reduce the six inch stilettos to a 2 inch or 3 inch size? You can even switch to flat shoes altogether. There is surely a solution to looking fashionable in them.

Lastly, lower back pain can be prevented if you just know how to lift stuff without getting the lower muscles on your rear strained. Try lifting things gently rather that abruptly; a slow lift will require less straining so that means your back is protected. One of the recent discoveries in preventing aches in the lower spine is investing in a lumber pillow. We do more sitting than standing so we are likely to strain the back more when sitting than standing. A lumber pillow can protect your rear as you type for hours on your desktop or when you are out driving. And it’s not that costly to buy but it saves you a costly medical bill for your back pain treatment.

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