Why Is High Back Support So Important?

It’s not uncommon for people to tell you that you need an office chair with good support. With the wide range of ergonomic products available today, it’s quite easy to find a chair that is adjustable in many different ways. There is one question, however, that is often neglected and that is: Why is high back support so important?

High back chairs often are considered more lavish chairs and are therefore reserved for those in management or supervisory positions. The truth is, however, that high back chairs are preferred for more than just comfort or a status symbol. This is because these chairs give extra support to not only the back, but the neck and head as well. This support then directly affects the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. Good posture is able to be maintained and muscle strain can be avoided.

Starting in the mid-1800s, manufacturers began to take a closer look at business chairs. This is because businesses were expanding like never before and much was expected of employees. Therefore, they worked hard to create a chair that would help employees be more productive, due to the fact that they were more comfortable. The word “ergonomics” had not yet been created and yet, they were working towards an ergonomic chair that would be more comfortable for longer periods of time.

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Of the people that worked the most from their desks at that time, it seemed to be the owners and managers of large business corporations. Therefore, it was only reasonable that they were the ones who typically were seen in the high-back office chairs. Most employees were busy in factories at the time so there was no concern for their ergonomic needs.

In our current day, however, millions of people are sitting for hours at a time at their desks. It seems that little physical work is done, as computers have taken the world by storm. With so many people sitting minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day, it only makes sense that the bodies are going to show some unique wearing out.

Ergonomics have shown us that the more support we give our bodies, the better they will function. Using high back office chairs is just one more way that we can experience greater support and thus, more comfort as well as productivity. With the extra support to the neck, head and back, one will experience more support and less pain. Muscles in the neck and back won’t be strained and this will affect the back, easing some of the tension that is normally experienced.

High back office chairs should have all of the ergonomic adjustments available. Many of these chairs are able to be reclined, taking some of the pressure off of the lower back. The high back chairs discourage slouching but help employees to sit up straight, maintain good posture and get the support their body needs throughout the day.
Ergonomics were once unheard of. Due to the overwhelming results of using correct ergonomic products, however, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to them for support and comfort. The high back office chair is a good example of how ergonomics can be expanded to make the office a little more comfortable.

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