Top 5 Reasons Why You May Need The Services Of A Chiropractor

Chiropractors are people who are trained in musculoskeletal health. They are the back specialists who learn how to manipulate the spine in order to treat a number of conditions, usually known to be able to access and manipulate the spine, and the joints and tissues surrounding it. They also treat other conditions like sports related injuries, back spasms, migraines and pregnancy related discomfort.

A good chiropractor does much more than the traditional chiropractic adjustments by using modern techniques and different non-invasive therapies. Some of the modern techniques include laser therapy, therapeutic exercise and soft tissue therapy. To perform these treatments, the chiropractor needs to have gone through extensive training. Many people are now turning to these services due to the high success rate. So what are the top 5 reasons that are pushing people to do so?

Joint Pain

If you are suffering from back pain, you can benefit from the services of a chiropractor. Many people suffer from back pain and it is the leading reason for people missing work. A chiropractor can help to offer pain relief for different types of back issues. The experts use a number of techniques to try to alleviate the pain.

In most situations, they start with manual manipulation to realign the spine, which helps to reduce pain. They also use their knowledge of the muscular and skeletal system to treat different joints that may be experiencing the pain. These joints include the shoulders, knees, ankles and feet among others.


Many people suffer from migraines and serious headaches that can be quite debilitating. The exact cause of migraines has still not been understood and many people live with the excruciating pain that can last for hours. If you have been suffering from the pain, then most likely you end up missing many regular activities and maybe even work.

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You can get help from a chiropractor to treat the condition. Research has shown that spinal manipulation helps to reduce the intensity of migraine headaches. Chiropractic adjustment has proved to be as effective as drugs commonly used to treat migraines.

Car accident-related Injuries

Anyone who has been in an accident has most likely ended up with a number of injuries or whiplash. These injuries are often sustained due to flexion and extension of the head and neck in rapid succession. Whiplash injuries include upper back pain, neck pain, as well as headaches, jaw pain, numbness, impaired vision, and ringing in the ears.

Chiropractic care is very effective when treating whiplash as a chiropractor helps to manage the pain, while improving mobility. This is done through spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy and special neck and upper back exercises.

Sports Injuries

Sports enthusiasts, whether they are professional athletes or simply recreational sports people, tend to get occasional injuries. The physical activity can strain muscles and joints resulting in painful injuries.

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Chiropractors offer therapy that can treat a number of injuries. Laser therapy has proven to have positive results for running injuries.

Chiropractors are trained to offer the laser therapy, as well as soft tissue therapy. They are able to treat tendons, muscles, ligaments nerves and fascia. They can even treat long-standing injuries using the new techniques. Sports people who get recurring knee pain can benefit from this treatment.


During pregnancy, women gain a great deal of weight. A healthy pregnancy can lead to weight gain of up to 30 pounds. This extra weight puts a lot of strain on the back, knees, ankles and feet.  As the stomach grows, the extra curve affects the upper back and the extra weight can lead to pain and discomfort during this period.

The extra weight of the breasts also affects the posture, and changes can occur in the pelvis that can lead to a difficult delivery. Many pregnant women find relief from chiropractors who are able to treat the pain and discomfort. Spinal adjustment, soft tissue therapy and therapeutic exercises are very helpful.

If you fall under any of the categories above, you can benefit from the services of a chiropractor. There are many people offering this service, but it is important to make sure that you find a highly qualified chiropractor. Carrying out research is necessary before you get the treatment. You have to ensure that the person treating you has all the qualifications and experience necessary. Many unqualified people have given the practice a bad reputation and it is important to avoid those quacks.

Chad is a writer for AICA (Accident Injury Centers Of Atlanta), a site where you can easily find a reliable chiropractor Atlanta.

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