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Picking Out The Right Pillow Can Make A Good Night’s Sleep Great

Even most people today have such hectic schedules that sleeping a full eight hours seems like an impossible luxury, getting a good night’s rest has an overwhelming number of healthy benefits. According to a number of studies, receiving seven to … Continue reading

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How To Handle Headache Related Neck Pain

Contrary to popular belief, headache pain does not necessarily have to be concentrated in the head. Neck pain is a common symptom of headache pain, and the two may be so intermingled that you must treat both in order to … Continue reading

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Five Benefits To Choosing The Right Pillow

Perhaps this is you. It is 3 a.m. and you cannot sleep. You have spent the last hour perusing relaxing bedroom pictures online. After a quick reality check, you realize that trip to Tahiti to sleep in a hammock on … Continue reading

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Why Body Pillows Provide Great Support To The Body While Sleeping

Body pillows are becoming all the rage, and for good reason. This kind of pillow gives great comfort and wonderful support for both your upper and lower body. In particular, the body pillow supports your neck and back, which means … Continue reading

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Are Backpacks Causing You Back Pain – Infographic

Backpacks have been used for years to help students get their school supplies from class-to-class. When worn correctly, backpacks are less stressful on the back than messenger bags or shoulder bags. However, more and more young people are suffering from … Continue reading

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