Six Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

benefits of pregnancy massage therapy

Pregnancy massage


Pregnancy brings with it several challenges for a woman. Some of the challenges include edema, anxiety, morning sickness and mood swings among others. Hence, she needs all the care she can get to ensure she gives birth safely. Such a situation can only arise when the expectant mother feels relaxed and stays healthy. One of the ways of taking care of an expectant woman would be through pregnancy massage. This form of therapy could entail a mild massage or a Swedish one.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

Women who engage in pregnancy massage can benefit in varied ways. In addition, enlisting the help of experienced massage therapists works wonders for their unborn children. Some of these benefits include:

Regulation of hormones

Pregnancy massage is influential in regulating hormones in the body of the woman. Consequently, this impacts positively on her cardiovascular health since this exercise also helps to destabilize stress levels. In addition, an experienced massage therapist would be helpful in regulating the mood of the patient, which in turn helps her to manage her mood swings. Stress hormones like cortisol and norepinephrine are reduced while serotonin levels are increased. As a result, pregnant women who go for these massages can look forward to less complicated births.

Reduced swelling in the joints

One of the common problems that face women during the prenatal stage is swollen joints or edema. It is often a product of minimal blood circulation in the body coupled with high pressure on the blood vessels. By undertaking a pregnancy massage, women would be stimulating the soft tissues in their bodies. Consequently, this prevents the accumulation of fluids in the joints and improves the discarding of tissue waste.

Nerve pain improvement

Another common problem during the prenatal stage is sciatic nerve pain. The main cause of this is the spreading of tension due to pressure from the uterus. As a result, it is common for such women to have swollen legs. Thanks to pregnancy massage, the swollen nerves can be relieved by reducing tension in the muscles. Regular massage has the desired effect of reducing sciatic nerve pain.

Reduction in muscle discomfort

Many expectant women have had to cope with muscular discomforts in their lower necks and backs. This is in addition to experiencing calf cramps. Such women should go for a pregnancy massage, which helps in loosening the tight muscles as well as reducing tension in these areas. This goes a long way in reducing stress levels and birth complications.

Increase in oxygen

During pregnancy, sufficient supply of oxygen is mandatory for the well-being of the mother and her unborn child. Pregnancy massage has established itself as a reliable technique in facilitating sufficient levels of oxygen in the body. It enhances blood circulation, which in turn provides more oxygen in the body for the benefit of the mother and her baby. The increase in oxygen content in the body can sometimes peak up to 15%.

Increase in endorphins

A lot of pain often characterizes the prenatal period as is evidenced by morning sickness and edema among others. Once again, pregnancy massage comes to the rescue by stimulating the release of endorphins. These are natural painkillers, which enter the nervous system and the brain to help the mother cope with the pains associated with pregnancy.

While looking for a massage therapist, it is important to enlist the services of an experienced person. Such an individual has the requisite experience in handling the exercise. Furthermore, women must consult their doctors before opting for the exercise. The physician would advise them on the appropriate massage in relation to their health and that of their babies.

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