Low Back Pain – Fix The Cause, Not Just The Symptoms

ease your low back with chiropractor treatmentThe lower back is a part of the body which is subject to many stresses and strains simply as a result of daily activities. Simple things like gardening or bending and lifting heavy objects can put a strain on the lower back, often without one realizing it.

Even if some discomfort is noticed many people will carry on with their work, thinking that it is nothing more than a small catch in the back, or a slight strain. Often they may be right and the body will heal itself, but it is unwise to ignore the discomfort since the problem may be worse than anticipated.

The Two Types of Pain

Before we move on, it is good to keep in mind that there are two different types of back pain- acute and chronic. An acute back pain is a temporary problem with duration of less than a few weeks and will generally clear up by itself. If the pain persists for longer, then that it is a chronic condition. Furthermore, it could be a much severe problem than you originally thought- A slip disc, sciatica or even arthritis.

As with many ailments the most important thing is to deal with the cause and not just the symptoms. Many physicians may not have the knowledge to understand the underlying cause of a particular problem and will simply prescribe medication to ease the pain. While this may indeed lessen the discomfort all it is doing is masking the problem. If the underlying cause is not treated the pain will simply return.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Back pain – and especially low back pain – is one of the most common problems that can occur. This is because there are a lot of things that can cause the issue to begin with. People who have never had any trouble with their lower back will find it difficult to understand just how much it can affect an individual. In some cases the pain is only temporary and will disappear in a few days or weeks. For others it is an ongoing problem that can severely interrupt their lives.

Sitting in a chair in your office all day long, with little to no physical exercise is one of the most common causes today. That coupled with improper posture, A bad fall, an accident, or a physical trauma coming back to haunt you because you didn’t get it treated then, are some of the other causes.

Chiropractic as a Solution

There are various treatments available for low back pain. Drugs may help in some instances but often will not be beneficial. They offer quick, but temporary relief. Other options may at times include surgery, but most people would treat that as a last resort, and in any case surgery on the lower back does not have a 100% success rate.

This is why non-invasive techniques such as chiropractic treatment are gaining so much ground. It involves no shots, no drugs and no cutting into you- unless your condition is far too severe. In that case, the chiropractor, after a thorough check-up, will recommend an orthopaedist.

Chiropractic has a lot of haters. But, it also has a huge number of people who believe in its effectiveness.

Chiropractic Treatments

There are a variety of treatments that a chiropractor may use, one of them being spinal manipulation. The chiropractor will endeavor to realign the spine in order to reduce the pain suffered by the patient. Sometimes this can be achieved with one visit to the chiropractor but in other cases a course of treatment may be required.

Another method of curing the cause of the problem is traction. The chiropractor will use a system of weights which will help to pull the spine back into its correct position thus relieving the pain. Such treatment must only be carried out by an experienced chiropractor who has had the proper training.

Chiropractic techniques will very often be the best way forward for any patient suffering from lower back pain because they address the cause of the problem rather than simply ignoring it and treating the symptoms as many medical professionals will do. This is not to suggest that such professionals are ignoring the problem, rather that they have not been trained in the specialist techniques that a chiropractor uses.

Bed rest for a couple of days may help in some cases. This gives the body a chance to recover from the cause of the pain if, indeed, it is not too severe. However, there are actually some conditions in which bed rest is not recommended. In fact, for some conditions exercise is the way forward. It should be noted that exercise should only be undertaken on the instructions of a specialist or chiropractor. Taking or using the wrong sort of exercise could make the condition much worse. There are some exercises which can help to strengthen the lower back and the abdominal muscles which may be beneficial in certain cases.

It is estimated that eight out of ten people will experience back pain at some time in their lives. The total cost of low back pain in the US – including lost wages and reduced productivity – is put at an astonishing $100 billion.

In many of these cases, treatment by a chiropractor will succeed very quickly where traditional therapies may fail. It goes without saying that if you suffer from low back pain you should seek treatment only from a qualified, registered chiropractor. The initials “DC” identify a trained chiropractor who will usually have a degree and have spent four years in training at a chiropractic college.

Needless to say, plenty of exercise, proper posture and a good diet would keep you from needing a chiropractic’s service in the first place.

This article was written by Peter Oh, who underwent chiropractic therapy for his low back pain, and is very happy with the results of his treatment.

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  1. The scientific consensus is that chiropractic may be on a par with other manual therapies for some musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain, but that there is no credible evidence or mechanism for effects on other conditions, and some evidence of severe adverse effects from cervical vertebral manipulation.

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