Is Memory Foam The Best For A Good Nights Sleep?

We all need a good night’s sleep. Sleep plays a vital part in our physical and mental health as well as our general well-being. Whether you spend your days running around after the kids or trudging memory foam mattress for a good nights sleepthrough a 9 to 5 job, the amount of sleep you have had the night before is a huge factor in how alert you feel throughout the day and how well you can concentrate.

However, getting your required amount of sleep means more than just going to bed early. The type of mattress and pillow you use is very important to the quality of your rest, and many people buy memory foam products for their bedroom in an effort to get the best night’s sleep possible.

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam pillows and mattresses are made from a special polyurethane material which is often referred to as ‘visco-elastic’. This material is very soft and absorbent and is very reactive to weight and pressure. When something heavy pushes down on the material, the foam moulds around the pressure. When this weight is removed, the memory foam goes back to its original shape.

How Is Memory Foam Used In Pillows And Mattresses?

When used in pillows and mattresses, memory foam moulds to the shape of the sleeper. The foam is supportive without feeling uncomfortable, and it reacts naturally to the shape and contours of the body. You don’t need to force downward pressure or lie in a different angle as the foam naturally moulds around wherever the weight is.

tempur cloud pillow

What Are The Advantages Of Memory Foam?

Many people who suffer from back or neck pain use memory foam as an effective way of alleviating their symptoms. Normal spring or coil mattresses can be very unforgiving and it is sometimes difficult to get in a comfortable position. Memory foam is much more supportive and because it automatically moulds around whatever weight is lying on the mattress or pillow, you are much less likely to move around in the middle of the night in an attempt to get more comfortable. Minimising this fitfulness can result in a much more restful night’s sleep. Of course, even if you don’t suffer from sleep difficulties like aches and pains or fidgeting in bed, memory foam can still feel more soothing and relaxing than normal mattresses and pillows.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Memory Foam?

People who prefer firmer pillows and mattresses may find that the sinking sensation of memory foam is difficult to get used to. Also, some sleepers complain that they often wake up with ‘pins and needles’ circulatory problems because they are not moving around during the night. However, these complaints really do vary from person to person. New memory foam mattresses can give off quite a strong chemical smell and this will take a few days to disappear. Also, memory foam mattresses are much denser than normal coil or spring mattresses and they weigh much more. This can make it difficult for elderly owners to move or turn over their memory foam mattress without any help.


Author Colin McD. I recently tried my first memory foam product with the Tempur Cloud Pillow (and nearly a mattress too thanks to !) and found it excellent, however I surprised to hear that my parents, when they tried them, did not enjoy better sleep. So it’s worth canvassing a little opinion before buying memory foam products. However, I myself did find them to be excellent.

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