How To Handle Headache Related Neck Pain

neck pain and headachesContrary to popular belief, headache pain does not necessarily have to be concentrated in the head. Neck pain is a common symptom of headache pain, and the two may be so intermingled that you must treat both in order to address the headache problem. If you suffer from this type of headache, then you should read over this guide to handling headache neck pain.

Which came first?

Is it the headache that causes the neck pain, or the other way around? Although there is no definitive answer to that, many doctors agree that neck pain can actually lead to chronic and severe headache pain. Neck pain that leads to headaches may be due to a tissue or muscle injury, or in the worst case scenario, an injury in the spine.

Accidents happen.

It may be that your headache neck pain is the result of an accident. This may be anything from a slip and fall accident to an automobile accident. If you ¬†experience neck pain after an accident, then you should get in to see your doctor immediately. Don’t worry, though, because in spite of how serious the pain may feel, headache neck pain caused by an accident is often treatable. Common treatments include surgery, manual therapeutic manipulation, medication, or any combination of these things.

If there is no injury

If you cannot trace your headache neck pain to a specific accident or injury, then it is likely that your best route for combating the pain is to ease the tension of your head and neck muscles. Muscle tension in your neck may occur due to the strain of holding your head in place all day, or it may even be the result of an outside stressor (bra straps or a purse worn over your shoulder, for example).

Taking care of your neck

It is important that you take proper care of your neck. Fortunately, caring for your neck is not all that complicated. In order to keep your neck muscles in tip-top shape, you should stretch them regularly. To learn how to stretch the proper way (and avoid causing yourself any more damage), take a stretching or yoga class, where an instructor can guide you on proper form. If attending a class is not practical for you, you can rent or purchase instructional videos to learn the appropriate stretches and movements to keep your neck safe.

The importance of sleep

Of course, getting adequate sleep is always advisable, no matter what your particular circumstances are. Sleep is especially important to those with headache neck pain, as improper sleep can greatly aggravate muscle tension. Be sure to use a pillow with firm neck support, and try not to bend your neck as you sleep.


Many people opt to deal with their neck pain with massage. Massage is a great way to ease tension in your neck and prevent further headache pain. Don’t be scared away by the cost of regular massages, though. You can get massages at a deep discount by letting massage school students practice their skills on you, or by having simple, inexpensive chair massages.

As you can see, headache neck pain is a condition that you should seek treatment for right away, before it leads to further problems. Fortunately, this type of pain is highly treatable. Consider all of your options before deciding what’s best for you.

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Marcel Fehl suffers from tension headaches that cause incredible neck pain, but he is currently working with a holistic practitioner to find the right remedies. He strongly believes in the proper blend of western and eastern medical philosophies and is currently going to school to learn about ultrasound. Visit for more information about his career path.

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