How To Care For Your Mattress So That It Will Care For You

maintaining your mattress is important for your backWe all like to sleep properly each night and we rely heavily on our mattresses to get the support and comfort needed in order to achieve a good night’s sleep. However, your mattress will need regular care and maintenance if you want to continue enjoying the comfort and durability offered when you first bought it. The fact is, mattresses are not cheap and it is simply impractical to keep replacing mattresses within a few months or years. This is why it is important that you know how to care for your mattress in order to enjoy its comfort for along time, stay healthy and save up on costs.

Turn Your Mattress Regularly

After a certain time of usage, the layers of a mattress will eventually compress according to your body. It is only natural for this to happen, but regardless of how fond you may be of your body’s indentations, you must make it a point to turn the mattress regularly, such as from every two weeks to at least three times a year. This will ensure that your mattress does not take on an odd surface that can reduce the support your body needs to stay healthy and comfortable.

Flip Your Mattress Over

In order to provide even wear, you will have to flip your mattress at least every six months. Make sure that you are able to flip it around continuously so that the top is on the bottom; the foot is at the head and so on. Since your mattress may be large, you may need the help of another person to flip it over. If your mattress has a coil construction, you will definitely need help flipping to avoid having to bend or fold the corners or mid section of the mattress.

Get Rid Of Dust And Dirt

Mattresses can also accumulate plenty of dust and dirt, so regular vacuuming is needed. Though your bed covers can help prevent them from sticking onto the mattress surface, they will still find a way into your mattress. So, in order to keep your mattress clean and always fresh, make it a habit to vacuum your mattress on its surfaces, corners and sides.

Choose The Right Sheets

Dressing your mattress with a fitted sheet is a difficult task, considering how thick and big mattresses these days have become. Unfortunately, some have a habit of bending the mattress corners up in order to get the mattress into the sheet corner pocket, thus damaging the coil construction within. The best way to dress a mattress is to place the sheet in one corner and then stretch it across the mattress to place the next corner pocket into a mattress corner by pulling the sheets down. This is why you must carefully select a sheet which can fit the thickness of your new mattress and that can be easily removed and replaced.

Keep Jumping Kids Away

Kids just love to jump on beds especially when they know that it is brand new. They love to show off to mommy and daddy as to who can jump the highest. However, no matter how fun it may seem for the kids, it can be extremely dangerous for the kids and for you when the coil system gets detached at some point.

Valerie Collins is a freelance writer specializing in wellness and health. She regularly writes articles related to sleeping disorders for sleep and health websites, including Mattress Store Clackamas where eco-friendly mattresses are offered for better health.
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