Four Interesting Facts About Memory Foam Mattresses

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Is your mattress starting to give you aches and pains? Is it becoming harder and harder to sleep at night? Maybe you should consider taking the leap to purchase a new mattress. Good mattresses can give you the back and spine support necessary to wake up pain-free and enjoy a good night’s rest. Memory foam mattresses in particular are becoming very popular, because they are unique in many ways.

Are you not familiar with memory foam as a sleeping surface? Here are four facts that can get you better acquainted with the material.

1. Memory foam was first developed for space missions.

Long before mattresses were made of memory foam, scientists were trying to find a material that would protect astronauts’ bodies against the g-force impact during takeoff. Memory foam was perfect because it is soft and absorbent at the same time. The substance was installed in space shuttle seating to make the astronauts more comfortable.

2. Memory foam was used for other items before mattresses.

Once NASA had such great success with increasing space shuttle comfort with memory foam, other industries took to using it for their products, as well. Soon you could find memory foam in everything from shoes and helmets (for cushioning) to seat pads in wheelchairs.

3. Other memory foam sleeping items are available.

Now, you can find memory foam in everything from pillows and mattresses to mattress pads. You can buy memory foam mattresses in a variety of different sizes—from king to twin—and in thicknesses that varies from around 6 inches deep to a luxurious 13 inches deep.

You also have a lot of options in terms of eco-friendly memory foam accessories. You can get sustainable rayon bamboo fiber covers that are washable, as well as foam that is environmentally friendly, too.

4. Sleep and mattress quality is subjective.

It is hard to say whether a memory foam mattress is better or worse in terms of quality than a conventional kind of mattress. This is because everyone requires a different level of firmness or softness to get the best possible sleep.

To choose your mattress, make sure you spend time laying on each one in the store if possible before making your choice. Better yet, the best idea is to purchase a mattress that has a risk-free trial period. This allows you to try your mattress for up to 90 nights.

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