Five Office Chair Exercises You Can Do Secretly At Your Desk

If you sit in an office chair for several hours a day then you’ll know that it’s not really conducive to keeping fit and exercising. Although there are lots of chair exercises you can do, if you don’t want to be jumping up and down or getting into the lotus position in front of your colleagues then many of them are impractical.

However, there are some things you can try that no one will be able to tell your doing. So if you want to keep fit at work without being embarrassed then try our 5 office chair exercises that you can do secretly.

Exercises you can do in office

Office chair exercises

Lower Back Exercise

If you suffer from lower back pain then try sitting with your knees bent in front of you, then slowly lift one buttock off your chair followed by the other. Repeat this thirty times to relieve your lower back pain. After a few days of doing this you’ll really notice yourself feeling less achy.

Stomach Muscle Sculpting

Sitting down all day is particularly bad for the stomach muscles so if you want to work on your six pack whilst in the office try sitting up straight, then slowly tense and release your stomach muscles. After doing this a few times you’ll start to feel the burn and it really will help to give you a flatter and more toned stomach.

Leg Workouts

If you’ve ever had a home-ware catalogue through the door you may have noticed step equipment designed to exercise the legs and improve circulation. You can easily place one of these under your desk and step away without anyone noticing. These exercises are fantastic for keeping your circulation healthy when you’re sitting down all day.

Hand Training

You can buy similar exercisers for the hands and pelvic floor muscles. These handy exercise tools are very small and discreet and are a great way of doing some activity in the office. Hand exercisers are particularly good if you spend all day typing as they strengthen the fingers and hand muscles meaning that you’re less likely to have aching hands at the end of each day.

Lower Body Tuning

The last exercise can be done easily on any type of office chair. Sit well back in your seat and make sure to keep your back straight. Then gently raise your legs together until they are straight out in front of you whilst tensing your stomach muscles. Hold this position for five to ten seconds and repeat. This exercise is great for the stomach back and thighs.

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