Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Thai Massages

back treatment with thai massageThai massage as it suggests was created in Thailand and uses influences from eastern culture. It was originally performed by monks tracing back thousands of years and is called Nuad Phaen Thai in its native land. It is usually performed on a matt on the floor, clothed and with no oils. Today we will look at some of the more unknown facts and health benefits of this form of massage.

1 Medical regulations

In Thailand, Thai massage is considered as medicine and has government backed regulations. It is considered to aid in the treatment of many conditions such as post surgical pain, stiffness, fatigue and back injury.

2 Become trained

Although considered a medicine in Thailand this isn’t the case around the world. It is highly thought of as a health treatment.  As it isn’t medically regulated you can become a trained Thai masseuse. You would learn how to focus and manipulate the mechanics of the musculo-skeleton. Expert tuition is needed as injury can be caused to both parties if any movements or stretches are misplaced

3 Body and mind

Tai massage offers a complete body and mind therapy. As it uses methods and theories from such practices and yoga, traditional massage and eastern philosophy, it is said to be a complete approach to wellness. Through thousands of years of progression, Thai massage has developed to meet both physical and emotional needs of the masses. All ages can benefit from this treatment.

4 Superior stretching

This form of massage utilises pressing practices to prepare the muscles for stretching to increase the flow of Sen Energies. These actions allow the muscles to be stretched further than the client would be able to unaided or even with yoga. These stretches release tension which improves muscles ability move, perform and ease discomfort.

5 Increased blood flow

Thai massage also offers the advantage of increasing blood circulation. This is done by advancing the function of the lymph glands. Improved circulation has many health benefits as various illnesses are caused by a lack of blood flow to areas of the body. You could have a Thai massage to help prevent deep vein thrombosis during a flight for example. The effect of massage on circulation can offer treatment to illnesses such as arthritis and edema. Increased circulation boosts the amount of oxygen and aids in the removal of waste products. This can also relief discomfort such as cramping.

If you are experiencing back pain or have had a back injury, Thai massage could be the perfect treatment for you. People of all ages can benefit from the stretching of weakened and tense muscles to create more movement and flexibility. The increased blood flow will also prevent your back problem leading to further health issues. Even if you don’t believe in the eastern philosophy that comes with Thai Massage, the medical benefits are proven.

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