Feeling Stiff: Four Stretches to Strengthen Your Back After an Accident

simple execises for your backThe presence of back pain after an accident is an all-too-common occurrence. Getting on the road to recovery requires medical exams, contacting a lawyer and acquiring what you’re owed if the injury wasn’t your fault.

So after you’ve contacted a reputable and dependable representative of injury lawyers McDonough, there are a few stretches that you can do to relieve your back pain. Just remember that each of these stretches should be done in repetitions of 10.

1. Proper Standing Posture

The most important position of your back is when you’re standing upright. That’s why practicing a standing position while in front of a mirror can help improve your posture while eliminating back pain.

You can find your proper standing posture by aiming for the following type of stance:

Keep your feet at shoulder width while your toes are pointed straight ahead.

Next, try to straighten your back. You can do this by imagining that straight yardstick is running from the base of your back all the way up to your skull. Put your chest out if it makes your stance feel more comfortable.

Remember that you shouldn’t tense your legs while doing this, but do try to engage the muscles in them.

Take three deep breaths and hold this position for a few seconds. Try your best to stand up as straight as possible. Mild discomfort is okay, but don’t push yourself into excruciating pain.

This is the position that will build the base of the rest of the stretches listed here.

2. Stretching Your Upper Back

Face the palm of each of your hands towards each other. Bring your hands up while leading the inside of each your stretched out arms towards your ears.

Imagine that some force is pulling them upward towards the sky until they are pulled as tightly as possible while maintaining your standing pose.

Once you’ve done that, lower your arms and rotate your palms to face towards the ground. When your arms reach the same level as your shoulders, hold them still for about five seconds. Then repeat the exercise.

3. Stretching Your Sides

Rest your arms at your sides while in a proper standing pose. Lift your right arm up to your right ear and then bend forward while your palm faces towards the ground.

Bring your right hand out as you pull your left hand down against your left leg.

Repeat with your hands switched for a complete repetition.

Do not twist your waist during this motion. If you have difficulty doing this while standing, this exercise can be done sitting down.

4. Stretching Your Back and Legs

Lay on your left side with your posterior placed against a wall. Bend your legs outward to put them in a position that makes them bend as close to a 90 degree angle as possible without locking your knees.

Roll over so that your posterior is on the ground while your legs are position up against the wall with the bottom of your feet pointed towards the ceiling.

If this is too difficult to do on your first try, then you may try this with the bottom of each of your feet touching each other or with your knees bent more.

5.Stretching Your Back While Lying Down

Begin by laying your head on a low neck pillow, then bring one of your knees to your chest to hug it with your arms

Rock to one side with your knees as close to the floor as possible while keeping your back in contact with the floor. Repeat this on the other side before coming to rest in a straight lying pose for one complete repetition.

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