Exercises That Can Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Exercises that Can Help Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

A lot of people of different age brackets and genders suffer from lower back pain. Some of the reasons behind this pain include trauma, muscle contractions and overwork. Although lower back pain generally isn’t considered to be a dangerous thing, it would be very important to eliminate it in order to go about your day in a normal and active manner.

Fortunately, there are several basic tips that you can follow to avoid lower back pain altogether. Avoid lifting heavy items, for instance, and use painkillers and ice whenever necessary. There are also various exercises that you can do to relieve this pain, all of which take 15 minutes or less. Here are some of the best ones:

Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are great exercises to do to relax your muscles. In fact, studies show that people who walk on a regular basis and love to cycle tend to recover from lower back pain much faster than those who stay in bed to rest and wait it out.

Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises can help get rid of lower back pain, as well. Just lie down and rest and then compress your ribs downward while holding your breath. Stay there for five seconds and do it ten more times. Conversely, you can also stand with your back against the wall and just tighten your abdominal muscles while slowly bending down and back up.

Ankle Exercises

One basic ankle exercise that can give your feet and lower back the comfort that they need is to move your ankles up and down for several minutes. You can also bend your upper body down to your knees and straighten back up ten times to ease any tension in your lower back.

Aquatic Therapy

One hygienic and reliable exercise would be aquatic therapy. If you have never heard of this exercise, it basically entails sitting in water for a certain period of time. Since water generally has some resistance to it, it will work pretty much the same way as using weights on your joints without water involved, but better.

Core Stability Exercises

These exercises are very common nowadays because of how useful they are, in general. These exercises basically work out the abdominal muscles, spinal muscles, oblique muscles, hip flexors and neck muscles all at the same time, helping you become stronger and your body more balanced as a whole. If you are an athlete, then you can do these exercises to improve your overall performance, as well.

Inversion Therapy

Perhaps one of the best exercises available to relieve back pain is through inversion therapy, also known as ‘inverting’. This involves hanging upside down on a Teeter Inversion Table. Whilst you are hanging upside down, the gravitational pull on your body will slowly decompress the joints in your back, helping to relieve back back and realign your spine.


Yoga is another highly effective exercise that can get rid of the pain in your lower back by aligning it with the rest of your body for short amounts of time. The different exercises done during yoga that can help your lower back include forward bends, downward facing dog, upward facing dog, wall planks, back traction and child’s pose.

The best part about all of the aforementioned exercises would be the fact that you can do all of them without spending a single cent. How great is that?

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