Common Pregnancy Problems And How To Avoid Them

Avoiding problems when pregnant

Pregnancy Problems

Every woman wants her pregnancy to go through full term without any problems, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are issues within the trimesters that cause a lot of problems for the child and mother. Although some of these cannot be avoided, that is not always the case. There are some common pregnancy problems that mothers can avoid if they do certain things. What are common pregnancy problems and how can you avoid them?

1. Severe nausea and vomiting.

Most women experience nausea during pregnancy, but this generally isn’t too much of a problem. On the other side of this are women who experience severe vomiting and aren’t able to keep any food down. In this case, there are medications doctors can prescribe. Not being able to eat can result in a miscarriage, which is why seeing a doctor is so important.

2. Spotting or bleeding

Light spotting is something many women experience during pregnancy. Even though this is quite common, it’s something that a doctor should know about. This could end up being a symptom of a huge problem, including an ectopic pregnancy. Light bleeding can also be an early sign of a miscarriage happening.

3. Taking pre-natal vitamins

As soon as a woman finds out she is pregnant she has to start taking pre-na4al vitamins. These have all the most essential vitamins and nutrients that the mother and baby need to have. There are a lot of different brands that make these, so talking to a doctor first is important.

4. Medications

Not all medications are safe for women who are expecting. For example, some aspirin isn’t even safe for the baby when a mother takes it. It’s very important to avoid any medications that could end up causing pregnancy complications. Most information can be found on the internet, but your doctor is always going to know best.

5. Smoke

Pregnant women need to do their best to stay away from smoke. This can cause a number of pregnancy complications and is bad for the mother as well. Even being in an area with smoke is bad, so it should be avoided at all times. Anyone living with the pregnant mother who smokes should go outside instead of smoking inside the house.

6. Eating healthy

It’s very important that expectant mothers eat a healthy diet with the number of calories suitable for their body. The doctor will come up with a dietary plan and tell the woman how much weight she should gain. Gaining more than this can result in a lot of health problems, including diabetes. Diabetes during pregnancy puts both the child and mother at risk. Women should not simply eat whatever they feel like when they are pregnant. They should be consuming healthy and whole foods that are nutrient rich. Eating healthy and drinking a plenty of water also helps to avoid stretch marks because skin will be more elastic.

A pregnant woman should always see her doctor while she is pregnant. It never hurts to call and ask a question or go in for a quick visit. When something doesn’t feel right, the doctor can do a quick exam or offer some advice. Avoiding the doctor’s office could result in having a miscarriage or needing to be on bed rest for extended lengths of time.

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