Back Pain Treatment With Physical Therapy

When and why you need back pain Treatment


Back pain treatments are usually advised after a consultation with the neuro-physician because the symptoms differ in each case. There have been only rare incidents when back pain in people has been eliminated completely. Usually it recurs and treatment has to be continued. Back pain treatment is used basically to decrease the amount of pain in the upper or lower back area.

If back pain recurs after a certain back pain treatment it is reasonable to consider going for some physical therapy making it part of the routine life. This includes lower and upper back exercises and therapies that will help in decreasing the back pain and helping people continue their routine work with ease.

There are different forms of physical therapies for back pain treatment based on the condition of the patient. They come under the categories of passive and active physical therapy including biomechanics for back pain treatment.

Passive Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Passive physical therapy for back pain treatment does not involve any patient participation as treatments are done on the patient by the physician. Passive therapies for back pain treatment include application of heat/cold, ultrasound or electrical stimulation. The main objective of these treatments is to warm and relax the soft tissues allowing the joints to be easily manipulated. The ultrasound and electrical stimulation are useful in relieving of acute back pain. The most common among these treatments is the heat or ice packs application. These are beneficial in early treatments when episodes of pain have just started.

Active Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Active physical therapy for back pain treatment involves therapeutic exercises to increase flexibility and building endurance. These are also used to rehabilitate the spine. For back pain treatment stretching exercises are involved which focuses on reducing the level of pain in the affected areas. Some exercises are also done to strengthen back bones and muscles like aerobic and yoga. Apart from these exercises massages are also part to active physical therapies for back pain treatment. These help in relieving the stiffness and better balancing of muscles. Active physical therapy stimulates the cardiovascular system if followed in a routine manner 30 to 40 minutes daily.

An important part of physical therapy for back pain treatment involves teaching patients how to maintain the correct posture of the spine. These postures prevent the back from unnecessary stress and strain such as sitting, standing, and bending. Lifting, reaching out and even getting in and out of the car are explained. The therapists also recommend these positions and postures to be followed by people in daily life to prevent back pain.

Physical therapy has been proven to be very effective in back pain treatment. However it is important to consider that not everyone will be a good candidate for this type of treatment. As back pain conditions vary from person to person it is always advisable to consult a physician first before opting for any treatment. Acute and chronic back pain treatment is not always suitable to be treated with physical therapy but can be beneficial in most cases.

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