An Alternative To Traditional Pain Relief Treatments

There are many reasons why people use alternative medicines, it may be because they are allergic to certain drugs or ingredients in the medicines. They
may be pregnant and have been advised against the use of traditional pain relief methods such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, or they might already be taking
certain medicines which conflict with other drugs.

Whatever the reasons, there are various alternative pain relief treatments available on the market today.

TEN’s Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation


One of these treatments is TEN’s therapy, commonly used by women during pregnancy to help relieve the aches and pains in their lower back and lower limbs.
TEN’s stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”, the treatment uses a low electrical current to stimulate the nerves in the area effected by pain. TEN’s machines look like and work in a similar way to the abdominal electrical stimulators people wear whilst exercising.

The electrical current produced by a TEN’s machine helps relieve pain because it triggers your body’s natural defences, endorphins are released into your
blood stream and quickly reach the source of pain, dulling the sensation and providing you with a natural pain relief.

The Problems With TEN’s Machines

TEN’s machines are a clinically proven treatment, and are highly effective in treating pain. However they have their draw backs. Firstly they are bulky
and cumbersome making them difficult to transport and use every day, secondly they have numerous wires and electrodes attached to them which can easily
become tangled and damaged. Replacements can be expensive and this may shorten the lifespan of the machine. Finally the electrode pads may become worn and
less conductive, these too may require replacement.

An Alternative To TEN’s Machines

TENS alternative treatment

Paingone Pen

There is an effective and low cost alternative treatment to the traditional TEN’s therapy machines, The PainGone Pen.

PainGone works along the same principles as traditional TEN’s but is a major advancement on the therapy but without the draw backs mentioned

PainGone is a pen shaped device which can easily fit in your pocket or bag, it delivers the same electrical stimulation treatment as a TEN’s machine but
is much more convenient, smaller in size and less cumbersome. There are no wires attached and no electrode pads to get tangled and damaged, PainGone can
quickly and effectively deliver a dose of natural pain relief literally at the click of a button.

PainGone has undergone its own clinical trials and has been proven to be effective on a wide range of painful conditions including Arthritis, Sciatica,
Lumbago and even Head Aches. Unlink traditional TEN’s machines, PainGone can be used over the top of clothing and doesn’t require a conductive gel.

A Short Story

A few years ago, I was training for a charity bike ride, me and a group of colleagues were attempting the "England Coast To Coast Bike Ride"
from the west coast of England over to the east coast, 3 gruelling days of mountain biking over the Pennine Mountain Range in the UK.

All was going well until day two when my left knee began to hurt, nearly to the point where I could no longer walk, luckily I had taken along a PainGone
pen as part of the group’s first aid kit.

I used the pen on my knee joint which quickly relieved the pain, without taking this along on the trip I don’t think I would have completed the 2nd and
3rd day.

Andy Morley is a freelance writer and Nottingham SEO Consultant – currently working with PainGone the Alternative Pain Relief Treatment.

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