Alleviating Neck And Back Pain

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, involves the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for a number of disabilities, disorders and diseases through a physical mean. Physical therapists are the ones who practice physiotherapy to help patients overcome a number of different aches and pains. Diagnosis methods may vary based upon your individual situation. Based on the treatment center you attend, your treatment can include a massage, exercises and various heat and electricity applications.

The severity of your neck pain can range from something that is mildly annoying to something that prohibits you from going about life on a regular basis. Pain in your neck or back can be the result of a degenerative problem, or from acute trauma suffered after an accident or fall. Most of the time, your pain may not be very serious. Completing a round of physical therapy exercises may be just the trick to help combat your aches and pains.

Isometric Push

try isometric push for your neck painAn isometric push works to help strengthen all of the muscles along your neck. Make sure to keep your neck straight with every hold. Avoid bending your head forward. Using your palms, place them against your forehead with your fingers upward. Gently take your head and press it into your hands. Do the same thing on the back of your head and repeat the process. Place one of your hands onto the side of your head while pushing against it for resistance. Repeat the process on the opposite side of your head. You will want to hold each one of your pushes for five seconds, rest for three seconds and then continue.

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

do 5 to 10 times of shoulder blade squeeze for back reliefSit comfortably or stand while keeping your back straight. Bend your arms into a 90-degree angle. Make sure your arms are as close to your body as possible. Proceed to squeeze your shoulder blades back as far as you are able to without bringing about more pain. You will want to hold that position for five seconds. Relax and complete a set of 10 repetitions.


Chin Tuck

Repeat 10 times of chin tuck for neck pain reliefA chin tuck is a straightforward motion that will gently stretch out your neck. Stand or sit with your back straightened out. Slowly press your chin downward until you can feel a small stretch inside of your neck. Make sure to hold onto each stretch for at least three seconds. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times.

Extension and Flexion

Using extension and flexion movements work to stretch your neck in a variety of directions. Flexion is the process of moving your head forward, while extension is the backward motion. Make sure that you are moving your head around slowly, especially when you are going back. You will want to allow gravity to work its magic to help stretch out your muscles without any added effort on your part. Once you have completed the back and forward motions, you will want to flex your neck from side to side while bending your ear as close to your shoulder as possible. This helps provide a full range of motion for your neck.

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