Your Diet Can Cause Back Pain

Back pain can be excruciating and completely unbearable, it sometimes feels like the pain will never go away. There are methods available to help relieve your on-going suffering, for example the Back Joy Relief portable back support.

Findings indicate that overweight individuals are more at risk of suffering from back pain than people who are not overweight. A cohort study of ninety five participants revealed that overweight and obese people have the strongest association with seeking care for lower back pain and chronic lower back pain.

Is your diet contributing to your back problems?

Over weight and Suffering with Back Pain

If you are carrying excess weight, then it could be contributing to your back pain. Individuals who are overweight are at higher risk of back pain, joint pain and muscle strain than those who are the correct weight for their height.

Every pound contributes to added strain on the muscles and the ligaments in the back; and often the spine compensates to relieve some of the strain on the muscles and can become tilted and stressed. As a result, the back can lose support and create an unnatural curvature and severe pain.

Overweight can cause back pain

Diet and Back Pain

High Fat Foods

Cut down the amount of high fat foods in the diet, and exercise for the recommended sixty minutes per day. Monitoring your diet and exercise regime gives you the best chance of staying supple and strong, and reduces the risk of back pain significantly.

Increased fat around the abdominal area, around the hips, thighs and the buttocks are all direct causes of back pain, reinforcing the need for a low fat diet to decrease the level of fat in the body.

Aim to consume at least five different portions of fruit and vegetables a day alongside a balanced diet consisting of lean meats and protein rich foods such as fish. Water consumption is also of significant importance, as taking on the correct amount of water daily helps keep the body hydrated and feeling more energetic, and therefore creating the desire to exercise.

Let’s Get Moving!

A lack of exercise can contribute to severe back pain in relation to obesity. If an individual does not partake in any sort of exercise, then they run the risk of putting on weight if not consuming a healthy balanced diet.

Overweight people can suffer from fatigue, leaving them feeling lethargic and demotivated. This can lead to an absence of exercise from daily routine, and therefore a risk of continued obesity and further back problems. Sixty minutes of moderate exercise a day can considerably reduce the effects of back pain, if the right types of exercise are used no support the back.

Swimming is the best possible form of exercise to treat back pain, as the body is completely supported. The exercise adds no stress to the joints, ensuring the back pain does not continue to increase and the individual can begin to lose weight, therefore improving the muscle strength and suppleness of the joints.

About the Author: Emily is a writer for Peak Nutrition Ltd who enjoys offering advice and guidance for Health and Well-being.



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