When Is It Time To Get A New Mattress?

Best time to change the mattress

Time to change mattress

The link between your mattress and the condition of your back is direct. You spend around a third of each day lying on your mattress so it’s important for it to be the right one for you. People who sleep on cheap, old or damaged mattresses are at much greater risk of suffering from back and neck problems.



Time to Replace your Mattress?

Billions of people worldwide suffer from back problems and often these complaints can be solved by simply changing their mattress. If you are not sure when you should start looking the below guide should help.

Cheap – If you sleep on a cheap mattress the chances are that it is not giving you enough support whilst you sleep. Support is the main role of a mattress and if it’s not doing this it’s fundamentally useless.  Moreover cheap mattresses are more likely to become damaged and worn out which, in turn, will damage your back.

Old – Mattresses lose their structure and support as they get older and when this happens it’s time to get a new one. Springs become weaker and foam mattresses lose their support over time. As soon as your mattress loses its supportive structure your back will feel it.  If you’ve had the mattress for a while it could well be time to get a new one.

Damaged – Damaged mattresses are arguably the most dangerous and detrimental to your back. If your mattress is clearly damaged you should replace it. The most common signs are dipping and an uneven surface. The noises the mattress makes can also tell you that it needs to be thrown out. If it sounds strange it is probably broken. Check the warranty before you get rid of it, you may be able to get a replacement free of charge.

Size – The size of you mattress is crucial. You need to make sure that you are sleeping on a mattress that is big enough. If you are a very large person sleeping on a single mattress you could be seriously damaging you spine. You need sufficient space to lye completely flat and relaxed.

One of the best ways of telling if you need a new mattress is if you suddenly find yourself with aches and pains when you wake up. As soon as you confirm that the discomfort is being caused by your mattress start looking into new ones. The longer you wait the worse your problems will become.

When the time does come to get a new mattress make sure you don’t rush into it. Dedicate enough time to it to ensure that you get a mattress that will last. Even if you plan on buying online make sure you test out the product you are considering buying. There are thousands of mattresses for sale and it is very important to get a feel for the mattress before you get it. If you have found a mattress that works for you and supports your back properly try to get exactly the same one again.

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