What You Should Know About Lower Back Pain

The various causes of lower back pain require understanding of the anatomy of the low

Lower back pain

Lower back pain

back. The structure of the low back can be related to the symptoms of pain that occurs. This pain in the lower back area is very common with many people and almost 80% of people suffer from it. The pain is the effect of malfunction in the spine, discs between the spine, ligaments, spinal cord, nerve muscles or internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen.

However how we move, bend, extend, rotate or lie down our lower back plays an important role in supporting our body. The common causes of lower back pain are associated with how we move in our daily routine. Some of these causes can include lumbar strain, nerve irritation, bony encroachment and lumbar radiculopathy. The physician analyses the patient based on looking into these causes.

Lumbar strain is the most common cause of lower back pain. It occurs mostly in people above 35 years of age. The treatment is done through medication reducing muscle spasm, heat applications, resting and light exercises of abdomen and back.

Nerve irritation is usually caused by mechanical pressure on the bones and tissues which can result in some kind of injury. It can also be a cause of inflammation of the nerves and bony encroachments in the back. Lumbar radiculopathy is also a form of nerve irritation. Disc damage can also cause nerve irritation as the wear and tear of the outer rings on the disc occurs. This type of rupture can also cause herniated disc and inflicts pain that can reach from the lower back down to the legs.

Bony encroachment is the result of growth of the vertebrae of the lumbar spine. This limits the space between the spinal cord and the nerves. People suffering from arthritis are the victims of bony encroachments causing them lower back pain. The treatment of such pains can lead to surgery to remove the bone that compressing the nerve tissues.

Apart from these mechanical faults in the human body, kidney problems, tumors, ovary problems and even pregnancy can cause lower back pain. The treatment of back pain is based on precise diagnosis of these causes. Some common symptoms can include pain radiating from back to the spine or the legs, numbness and weakness in legs, any prolonged activity making the pain worst, difficulty in moving, bending or sitting. Back pain can also be a result of some accident or injury in the body.

It is important to consult a physician before opting for any treatment of lower back pain.  The treatment can include medication of analgesic and pain killing nature, topical treatments, physical therapies, massages and muscle relaxing techniques. Taking caution and keeping fit can be helpful in avoiding the eruption of pain in lower back area of the body. Lower back aches are not something that cannot be treated but can stay for a long time as the body gets weak with age.

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