Using Mattress Covers to Stop Bedbugs: What You Should Know

What You Should Know about mattress coverDon’t let their scrawny size fool you, because bed bugs are out for your blood. That’s right! These nasty creatures prey on you as you lay deep in slumber.

As these irksome pests choose to live within a few feet of your bed or under it, specialized mattress covers have now been introduced to help protect sleepyheads against their constant threat. Also known as bed encasements, these compactly woven covers prevent these bugs from crawling on your skin each night. By installing safety covers on your bed foam, you can easily keep these pesky crawlers from taking refuge inside the mattress, and as they are crafted seamlessly, bed bugs will have no place to hide.

Although bed bug covers are popularly sold in shops and across the internet, it is still important that homeowners learn to discern between those that are of high quality and those only pretending to be. Listed below are just some of the important considerations you need to factor in when choosing a mattress cover.

1. Features

Not all mattress covers are created equally, which is why you need to be meticulous when it comes to buying one. Remember that these minuscule bugs can stay hidden in crevices for months or years. Look at its liner and check to see if it can truly keep tiny creatures from sneaking in. Also verify whether or not it is water resistant and outfitted with a premium barrier fabric. This is to ensure that your bed protector is strong enough to resist not just these little crawlers, but an accidental spill or your little one’s bed wetting problems as well.

2. Label

There is an effective way to check on the quality of your mattress covers, and that is to search for any certification labels to prove that it has passed lab test standards to back up its claim.

3. Material

To ensure that your cot covers will stay durable despite the constant washing and wear and tear, it is best to check its material. You can choose from plastic or polyester, just make sure to follow its washing instructions to the letter.

4. Comfort

As these covers will affect how you sleep, it’s natural to include your own comfort in the equation. Plastic can be a bit irritating, especially if you constantly move around in your bed, while polyester can greatly increase the heat, especially during the summer time. Look for those with soft fabric liners that are breathable, thin, and odor-free.

5. Cost

Consumers typically assume that the higher the price tag, the better the quality. While this may be true, it is still not practical to simply go for the most expensive brand. As with all products, make sure to rate it on its quality rather than the price alone. If unsure, go for those that are priced mid-range; not too expensive, yet not too cheap.

Investing in mattress covers helps ensure your family’s protection as it kills off bed bugs and dust mites upon contact, preventing future infestations from ruining your sleep.

As a writer for, Carla has answered many questions for families, like what do bed bugs look like and what bed bug heat treatment is effective.

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