Understanding Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain

Causes of lower back pain are not always apparent. It can take a long time to examine and evaluate the condition of a patient in order to know the actual cause of lower back pain. Almost 80% of people around the world suffer from lower back pain. Some recover early and some go through a prolonged treatment to reduce the frustration caused by lower back pain. Acute or chronic back pain arises from different set of symptoms. It is always helpful to understand the causes and symptoms of lower back pain.

There are certain conditions that can occur in the body with age or the type of routine work that is being done. The type of low back pain and the area it affects the most helps the physician in diagnosing the cause and recommending a treatment. Accurate diagnosis is not always possible at the first attempt and may require a combination of tests and thorough patient history.

Lower back pain can also arise from abnormalities of organs that may affect the back. Certain disorders in the abdomen, kidney or even bladder can cause lower back pain in many ways. Any injury or trauma in the body can also be a cause of lower back pain due to muscular imbalances. This happens usually when the body is tweaked in an unnatural motion, twisting or bending rapidly or getting hit by an external object near the lower back area.

It is also important to understand that a posture that the body remains in the maximum amount of time in a day can also be a clear reason for lower back pain. Usually people having desk jobs, athletes or people with jobs that require a lot of bending suffer from lower back pain eventually. This is commonly known as axial low back pain and can get worse with time. Axial lower back pain remains in the low back area and does not travel to the legs, feet or any other area of the body.

Different forms of arthritis can also cause inflammation in joints and muscles that travel from spine or joints to the lower back. Herniated disks are another reason for lower back pain. When any of these disks slips forward due to some activity it can cause severe lower back pain. There can be many causes of back pain but the important thing to understand is that it can be controlled to a satisfactory level if treated at an early stage.

The ideal time to visit a physician is when the lower back pain continues for more than two weeks or the symptoms are uncontrollable. Normally physicians would recommend certain types of lower back exercises or taking caution while working in a certain posture. There are also certain other lower back pain therapies like hot and cold application, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, topical treatments and massages, using muscle relaxants or analgesics and many more. These are recommended based on the severity of the pain and condition of the body. They can reduce the pain caused in lower back areas and if started at an early stage may also eliminate the lower back pain completely.


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