Types Of Surgery To Relieve Back Pain

Even though it is rare, if someone is suffering from spine pain they may resort to spinal surgery as a solution. There are really only a few medical emergencies that call for surgery as a treatment. The first course of action is to utilize nonsurgical therapy to relieve the pain. Since most people suffer from chronic back surgery, therapy usually requires time to resolve the issues. If that does not solve the problem then surgery is the next course of action. It is typical for doctors to require about three to six months of therapy before resorting to surgery. There are several different types of surgeries to solve different types of ailments.


In discectomy the surgeon removes part of the spinal disc located between the vertebrates. Spinal surgeries are a common treatment for a herniated disc. In the case of a herniated disc, the fragment of the disc is taken out to get rid of the pressure that is placed on the nerves in the spine.


A foramenotomy procedure is a relief for pressure on the nerve. This is more serious than dealing with a herniated disc. This procedure takes out the part of the bone and tissue that is affecting the nerve. There are cases where a formenotomy and a discectomy are performed together to make sure there si room for the nerve that is being compressed.


A laminectomy relieves the pressure that is put on the spinal cord. This procedure is usually performed in the case of spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is caused by pressure being built up in and around the spinal cord and nerves within the spine. If a lot of bone and tissue has to be removed than a spinal fusion may be required. This fusion will stabilize the spinal cord after bone and ligaments are removed.

Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion surgeries are performed to get rid of the excess motion that takes place between adjacent vertebrae. Spinal fusions treat spondylolisthesis. It may also be used in the case of other surgeries such as laminectomy. In a spinal fusion the bone has to form between vertebrae. This can be done with the use of metal screws or metal rods to support the spine as the bone fuses together.

Disc Replacement

A disc replacement is not common and is a relatively new procedure performed at a spine institute. This surgery is used to help back pain and it can also be used to eliminate issues with spine fusion surgery.

relieving neck and back pain

Dr. Fayaz is a communicator, for his patients and to refer other physicians. At the The Brain and Spine Institute of North Houston, he believes that his patients deserve an accurate diagnosis and beneficial treatment with a recovery plan. Most of his patients with spinal pain can be managed non-surgical procedures. For this to be determined, a diagnostic assessment must be performed.

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