Treating Lower Back Pain With Correct Exercises

Lower back pain exercises are very effective in preventing the recurring of chronic lower back pain. Strengthening exercises can help in reducing or totally eliminating pain in the lower back area while stretching can allow the pain to be relieved quickly. However the important thing is to understand what kind of exercises are beneficial in lower back pain and what to avoid.

Lower back pain exercises - partial crunches

Lower back pain exercises - partial crunches

The core muscles in the body help in maintaining the posture of the body and also stabilize the spine during movement. Lower back pain exercises can substantially improve the core stability as the practice can improve the strength and endurance of the muscles. In lower back pain, strength to the back area must be provided. The key to getting success with treating lower back pain through exercise is focusing only on those targeted to the lower back and abdomen. Rigid and difficult exercises in treating lower back aches are to be avoided as it will only cause more damage to the tissues and spine.

There are two types of lower back pain exercises that physicians emphasize on, strengthening and stretching exercises. Stretching exercises can be done daily while strengthening exercises should be done thrice a week to allow the body to relax. Also when the type of exercises is chosen to be done the first attempt should consist of fewer repetitions to avoid stress on the back area. The number of repetitions should be increased gradually as the body gets used to the exercise.

Some popular strengthening lower back pain exercises include bird dog, bridge, plank, squats, leg and arm raises and basic crunches. Bird dog helps in strengthening the muscles down the spine, shoulders and lower body. Bridge works on the abs, buttocks and back and is a very effective practice for beginners. It can be done with either feet on the floor or one feet raised. Planks are good for neck, back and abs and also can be done in a variety of ways. This is suitable for those at an advanced level.

Other effective strengthening lower back pain exercises include the basic crunches which focus primarily on the abdomen area with the lower back. Arm and leg raises can also help in tightening of the abs and back muscles and are good for beginners. Squats can be done in a variety of ways with the help of wall, chairs or simply standing up.

Stretching exercises include the pelvic tilts for the back and abs, spinal twist for the back and glutes, back and side stretching, hamstring, hip flexor stretching and piriformis stretching. There are more varieties to be found in stretching exercises as they are easily done.

Lower back pain exercises should be done according to the physician’s recommendations. Not all types of exercises are suitable for everyone. The patient should understand own body to analyze which type impacts more on the lower back pain. Low impact aerobics, swimming and ball balancing are also some of the recommended options. Exercising is not recommended for people with acute lower back pain.

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