Top Massage Therapy Benefits and Uses

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Massage Therapy

It is well known how massage therapy’s effects are beneficial on the human body. Reducing stress and relieving pain at a massage therapy clinic can help the body’s natural healing process by relaxing the body and mind. Relaxation and healing are more easily achieved when the physical, mental and emotional sides of stress are addressed first.

A physical healing begins when a massage therapist manipulates the soft tissues and muscle structure of the human body along with increasing blood and lymph flow to remove accumulated toxins that have stagnated in the muscle tissues. Massage therapy is especially used to relieve pain in the muscles. Receiving a massage to will help to strengthen the weak or atrophied muscles and to restore the functionality of the muscles. Lower back pain sufferers have come to rely on massage therapy for self-healing and relief.  Athletes that sustain injuries from participating in sports have discovered that the pain is decreased and the healing time is increased through regular therapeutic massage sessions. In many cases, it has prevented injuries due to keeping the muscle tissues toned and in a high-level of health.

Receiving massage therapy can help the body heal from soft tissue pain and injury as well as improve the range and ease of motion for muscles.  The side effects of therapeutic massage are improved body system functions and joint flexibility. Receiving regular massage sessions can support the decreased dependency on medications and has been seen to have significant effects to eliminate symptoms of seasonal allergies.

There are a multitude of discomforts during the entire nine months of human pregnancy that massage therapy can address and ease.  It has also been proven that it can lead to a shorter with less difficulty at birthing time. By now, with all the information at hand, surely everyone knows that massage therapy is an excellent venue for boosting the immune system. The human body’s largest organ is the dermis.  It provides many services and stimulating the skin via massage therapy is a great way to help take care of this hard-working, unappreciated organ.

Studies have shown that massage therapy is a vital way to significantly improve body function because of its versatile nature and limitless applications. Receiving regular massage therapy fosters mental and emotional health. The mechanics of relieving physical pain and stress through massage allows the brain to refocus.  Relaxation ensues because the mind does not have to deal with raw nerve endings signaling distress to all parts of the body.

A massage client is able to develop and keep a calmer, focused mental attitude with continued therapy sessions. Allowing the body to naturally eliminate tension and reduce anxiety a Swedish massage combined with deep tissue healing can enhance the quality of sleep.  Getting a good quality sleep increases energy and improves functionality in every aspect of the body.  Can you see a cycle of positive reinforcement here? Improved quality and more of it (sleep) leads to better health and less fatigue. This awesome combination  reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.  The chain reaction is endless and caught in a loop.  With reduced anxiety and increased relaxation there is better sleep!  Removing stress is key.  Without stress a reinforcement of a calm mental state is present. People are less worried and their physical health naturally improves

In virtually all types of massage therapy, the brain releases the natural human “feel good” chemical into the body via muscle stimulation. It is very similar to the natural “high” experienced during exercise. It can be quite addicting and naturally so.  Massage therapy, like exercise, stimulates the body and encourages it to heal itself. It can reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote the body’s natural healing. Endorphins are essential chemicals that can improve mood, lessen depression, and naturally relieve pain. When the levels of these soothing chemicals are increased in the brain, a person’s emotions will become balanced.  The body functions and internal organ responsibilities improve. Restored health in all the physical body systems as well as mind and spirit will follow.

It is true that the human body is an incredible machine.  The physical, emotional, and mental wellness are all linked together.  One affects the other.  It can be stated that if massage therapy improves one aspect of health, it can improve all of them. An unbroken circle of a relaxed mind produces a relaxed body that has a direct impact in supporting relaxed emotions.  As the wheel of good health turns, this inevitably leads back to a more relaxed mind. The catalyst that starts and encourages this positive cycle is massage therapy.

Beau is the owner of White Dragon Therapies, a Portland massage therapy clinic, and works as an LMT.  She is also a certified integrated aromatherapy specialist.


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