Tips To Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is something unavoidable in the nine months that women

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

have to bear to carry the full term. Women tend to gain weight and work out new ways of carrying out activities. Changes in hormones, muscles and ligaments throughout the body can result in severe back pain that makes the process of delivering a child all the more difficult. The back pain cannot be eliminated completely but can only go away with time. However there are a number of ways women can overcome the back ache during pregnancy.

Learning The Correct Posture

The first thing to learn is the correct posture to carry out activities. Whether it is standing, sitting, walking or bending it is important to put less strain on the back while doing things. Often women let their back pulled forward without realizing the consequences. The center of gravity during this time is also changed so as they move around their backs get affected. Standing up straight with shoulders back is the recommended way. It is important to gain support of things as much as possible to relax the back and avoid back pain during pregnancy. This also includes having support while sitting through pillows and while bending through holding something and squatting down.

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Practicing some light exercises can also help in overcoming back pain during pregnancy. Stretching exercises focusing on the back and abdomen or prenatal yoga can help greatly. The health care provider can guide well here since not all types of exercises are suitable for everybody. If exercising is not possible then some sort of physical activity will also work well. Staying active helps in keeping the back strong and avoid pain.

Pamper and Relax

Relaxing the back with gentle massages and treatments is helpful in avoiding back pain. Oil massages or hot/cold pack treatments impact well but must be done with caution. The more relax women find themselves in this time the better are the chances of overcoming back pain during pregnancy.

Wearing Right

The right clothes and shoes can also be useful in avoiding back pain during pregnancy. Wearing loose clothes that allow moving easily will keep the body stress free and comfortable. Shoes greatly impact the lower back even when women are not pregnant. High heels are definitely not the right gear to wear. Soft pumps and flat shoes that support the body well should be worn. Heels can also cause pain in the legs and feet along with the back therefore it is better to let them go for this time.

Avoiding back pain during pregnancy also comes with self care and precaution. Acquiring these habits and taking care of yourself will quicken the healing process. Staying lazy and feeling dull will only make the back pain worse. The back pain will eventually go away if these tips are considered and adopted in a routine manner. It is important to understand that the body is going through several changes and many factors can result in back pain.

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