Tips On Moving Home Without Damaging Your Back

Tips on moving home

Moving home is back breaking

When moving house it is important to do things correctly so as not to cause yourself an injury.  Packing up boxes and moving them alone can lead to serious strains in your neck and back.  This can add to the stress of moving and leave you incapacitated when you need to be strong and healthy.  It can also lead to time of work which can cause problems with your finances.

Bend Your Legs Not Your Waist

When you are lifting heavy objects there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. When packing a box it can quickly become very heavy, perhaps heavier than you anticipated. So before you move any box remember to bend your knees and crouch down.  This is so your legs take the weight rather than your back. Keep your arms straight and slowly but firmly push down on your legs and lift with your leg muscles. Make sure you give yourself enough room and that the space is clear where you plan to walk and place the box. Once you are ready to put the item down again use your legs to bend rather than your back.

When possible always ask for someone to help you carry the heavy item. Even with help you should still remember to bend with your legs and not your back. This may seem like a lot of hassle but it is certainly worth doing to avoid any physical damage to your body.

Hiring Help to Move on the Big Day

On the day of the move it pays to have professional assistance. There will be a lot of boxes which need lifting not to mention the items of furniture which also need to be relocated. Think about the fact that not only do you need to get the items out of your old home you will also need to unpack and place the items in the new house too.  This is a hard day’s graft and professional movers will have the man power and experience to get the job done.

Packing Tips

To help keep boxes manageable here are some useful tips to follow. You should find that this will help you when you are organising the boxes and also benefit the removal man too.

  • Get the right tools and equipment. You will need packing boxes, sealable bags for small items, packing tape, marker pens, old newspapers, bubble wrap and labels. You will also need scissors or a sharp blade on standby in case you need to cut the tape or gain access to a sealed box.
  • Never over fill boxes. Leave room in the top for a bit of movement and pack this space with old newspapers.
  • Pack fragile items together and line the box with sheets or towels for extra protection.
  • Pack expensive fragile items singularly in appropriate sized boxes.
  • Put information on every box about what item is inside and if it is heavy or light. This will help the person picking it up to plan the procedure and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Mark each box with information regarding where you want the box to go.
  • Pack a box full of everything you will need for the first night. You’ll need something to eat and drink, plates, cups and cutlery and any mobile phone or laptop chargers. It’s a good idea to pack a few DVDs to relax with in bed when you finally climb into it. Also add a first aid kit for any accidents which might occur.
  • Pack a bag of essential items for each family member including clothing, toiletries and activities for the kids.

Hiring a finest man van will help to reduce the amount of work you need to do on the day.  They will be able to handle all the heavy items leaving you free to organise the day.

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