Tips For Finding The Best Mattress For Back Pain

Best mattress for back pain

Best mattress for back pain

Few people are aware, but the wrong mattress can actually cause back pain. In addition it can make you sleep poorly and feel cranky the next day. This lowers productivity as well as efficiency. This is because this lack of support, while sleeping, reinforces poor posture causes muscle strain that keeps the spine out of alignment. There are a few tips you can use, however, for finding the best mattress for back pain.

Its important not to give up comfort and individual preferences for a salesman’s recommendation that the most high tech solution is the only answer. The object of purchasing a good model is to insure that the spine and back rests and rejuvenates at night in order to leave you refreshed and ready to go when you awake. With the number of beds on the market today that claim to be the ultimate solution, however, choosing what will work best for you may take some research.

For those with lower spinal pain, personal preferences should be a primary consideration. There is, actually, no one bed that works the same for all people. Therefore, it’s important that the final choice provides support, yet is comfortable. If you wake in the morning easily, without stiffness, and without pain then you’ve have found the best solution to meet individual needs.

The construction of the unit is also important. Coils, inner springs, and padding are all important elements. Coils provide support and vary widely in number depending on the manufacturer, style, and price. Additionally, cushion depth is often determined by individual preferences and frequently ranges between 7 to 18 inches. The thickness of this padding will ensure comfort.

The best type will provide support for the spine that aligns with the natural curves of the body. For many people today memory foam has become very popular for this reason. They are made of viscoelastic which comes in thicknesses of one to six layers. They shape to the body while resting, but then return to their normal shape once weight has been removed. It should be noted, however, that they do retain heat which can be beneficial in the winter, but may also cause overheating during summer months.
Memory foam mattresses have been known to cause breathing problems, headaches and other symptoms for some people who use them who are sensitive to the chemicals that they are made with. For this reason, there is a growing interest in the benefits of natural and organic latex mattresses which provide support for the spine and cushioning for pressure points without the chemicals that may affect some people.

One of the most important factors to remember is that good mattresses need to provide spinal support which will result in a reduction of muscle soreness upon awaking. Studies have shown that medium-firm beds are actually better at reducing back pain than firmer beds. But much will also depend on an individual’s weight.

How you sleep at night is one of the most important features. For example, if sleeping on one’s side, hips and shoulders should be allowed to sink into the mattress in this way keeping the spine in alignment. This can also cause strain on the neck as well as the back. Additionally, an individual’s weight is also important as heavier people generally need a firmer support structure than lighter people.
Ultimately, having a peaceful night’s sleep and waking up refreshed and ready for the day is the most important thing to consider when finding the best mattress for back pain. Chronic pain in the back can be alleviated with a mattress that considers weight, comfort, preferences and sleeping position. The best way to find the right choice for you is to try them out at stores that provide floor models.

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