Three Common Types of Back Injuries Due To Car Accidents

back problems due to motor accidents

Injuries due to car accidents

There are quite a number of consequences of getting into a vehicular accident. Some get away without a scratch, while some aren’t so lucky and suffer severe injuries. Worst case scenario, of course, is death. One of the most depressing injuries that one may suffer due to an automobile accident is back injury.

Once the spinal structure has been damaged, it may result to several things. Back injuries are pretty common in vehicular accidents and it would be wise for you to immediately have your doctor check up on your injury if you have been involved in an unfortunate accident.

Spinal Cord Damage

One of the most dreaded things that can result from a vehicular accident is spinal cord damage. There are different kinds of back injuries, and an injury to the spinal cord is easily considered to be the worst case. Damage to the spinal cord may prevent the brain from communicating with the rest of the human body thus resulting in paralysis of the extremities. The most common form of paralysis that results from vehicular accidents is paraplegia. Paraplegia is the loss of motor or sensory function of the lower limbs. In this case, the lower portion of the spine is injured. As a result, only the legs are cut off from the brain’s commands.

Spinal Disc Injuries

Spinal discs are the soft cushions in between each of the bones of the spine. These discs serve as padding to protect the bones from each other. They also help make the back flexible. Damage or deformities to these discs mean that the bones will bump one another, leading to severe pain.

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral compression fractures are damages to the spine as a result of trauma. This is highly common among older adults who have suffered from back injuries from car accidents. Once the bones in the spine are cracked, it may result to further damage or deformities. As a consequence, the individual may undergo posture changes and in certain cases, difficulty of breathing. Severe pain is also a common symptom in vertebral compression fractures as well.

Identifying the Problem

If you get involved in a vehicular accident, you must first check to see if you are injured in any way. Any painful sensation or even the slightest discomfort in your back may indicate that your back is injured. You must immediately contact your physician and have him check your spine to see if you have suffered any back injuries.

Personal Injury Compensation

If you have indeed suffered a back injury as a result of an accident, you may file a lawsuit against those responsible. Dealing with back injury and its different forms is quite costly. This is especially true if you have lost the functions of your legs as it will surely affect your lifestyle and your ability to earn money for a living. So, once you have identified a particular back injury, contact your personal injury attorney to help you file a lawsuit for compensation. The amount of compensation that you will receive primarily depends on the type of injury and its severity.

Gerard Cadwell is a freelance article writer who writes articles regarding personal injury due to automobile accidents. He also writes for Bob M. Cohen & Associates attorneys in California.

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