The Wrong Mattress Can Impact Your Health

The Impact of a Bad Mattress

It’s no secret that your mattress makes all the difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. A ‘good’ mattress has an impact on every aspect of your life. There is no right or wrong mattress as it varies depending on your needs. However there is such thing as a ‘bad’ mattress – old, damaged and cheap are the three main indicators of a bad mattress. If you have the right mattress, you get good sleep. When your posture improves, you feel better in the morning and you are less stressed. The benefits of a good night’s sleep really are endless. However the impact of a bad mattress can be devastating. Below are just a few of the main problems caused by sleeping on an old, damaged or cheap mattress.

Back Pain

The most obvious impact of sleeping on a bad mattress is back pain. The main role of your mattress is to provide support during sleep. Cheap, damaged and old mattresses are uneven and unsupportive meaning that your spine is not straight but strained. The condition of your entire body is reliant on having a strong, straight spine and if you don’t your muscles and joints will suffer. Not only will this cause aches and pains but it will also make your posture worse.


If you don’t sleep properly, you get tired; it’s simple. Sleep is important in so many ways, the main one being that it’s when you recover, regenerate and rest. Many people who have low energy levels don’t realise that all they need to do is get a proper, supportive mattress that will help them sleep well. If you are tired in the morning or shortly after you have woken up you probably need to start visiting those mattress and bed stores.


If you aren’t sleeping properly you are likely to become stressed and agitated. When you sleep you relax and your mind has time to unwind. If you aren’t sleeping properly you can’t gather your thoughts and wind down. This can have a massive negative impact on your working life but more importantly, your personal life and relationships. The difficulties caused by being tired also contribute to stress levels.

Diminished Brain Function

There is a consensus in the medical industry that sleep is crucial to brain power and functionality. We’ve all had a bad night’s sleep for whatever reason and the following day you can’t think properly or perform simple tasks as well as usual – and that’s just one bad night! Bad sleep every night will have a severe impact on your brain and thus your ability to function and think during the day. If you don’t rest your brain properly, it won’t work as well as it should.

All of the above causes a general inability to function properly. Stress, pain, exhaustion and limited brain functionality make things very difficult. Work and home life can become increasingly strained. Getting a proper night’s sleep on a supportive, level mattress can make all the difference and the importance of sleep really shouldn’t be underestimated. When you do decided to get a new mattress it’s vital that you don’t cut corners and try to save too much money. Is living with back pain really worth the saved money? is a leading online retailer of clearance mattresses from only the best brands.

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One Response to The Wrong Mattress Can Impact Your Health

  1. sylvia atkins says:

    watching the video it could be our mattress. Exactly the same lumps and bumps. The famous bed store have denied that their is anything wrong with the mattress.

    I am not taking their decision and will fight it all the way. If there is nothing wrong with it, then I can’t see the problem in naming the store and manufacturer, what are they worried about if the mattress is perfect? I intend taking legal advice over this matter and my health is suffering.

    We need to take more action against bad manufacturing and stores who don’t want to know once they have your money. In our case £1000

    If they can’t admit to evidence of the problem and rectify it, then they need naming and shaming. Surley one can only be sued if complaints are made public which are not true.

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