The Pain In Your Abdomen

What is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is any pain that is felt in the area below the diaphragm and above the pelvic bone. The pain felt in that area may have different causes but it is believed that mostkof the time, the pain is due to the different organs in that area. The organs that can be found in your abdomen are the liver, spleen, gallbladder, pancreas, kidney, stomach and the intestines. When something is wrong with them, one can experience pain in the abdominal area.

What causes the pain in the abdomen?

There are many things that can happen to you that might cause you to have abdominal pain. The important thing is that you pinpoint what the exact cause of the pain is so that you could do somethi.g about it. One of the causes of having pain in the abdomen is due to inflammation such as hepatitis, appendicitis, pancreatitis and more. When there is something wrong with the different organs, there is a tendency for it to be inflamed and this might be one of the reasons why you feel pain. Another reason why you feel pain is when there is something that blocks the organ. This could be observed when you have kidney stones or gallstones. You could also feel pain in your abdomen when there is not enough blood flow in any of the organs in your abdomen.

How do I find the cause of the pain?

To be able to successfully remove the pain that you feel, you should be able to pinpoint where it is from. The abdomen could be divided into 4 quadrants: upper right quadrant, upper left quadrant, lower right quadrant and the lower left quadrant. Because you cannot usually pinpoint exactly where it is, you could use the quadrant system to narrow it down. It is also important that you describe the pain that you are feeling. Lab tests could also be used to know what organ is causing the pain. And lastly surgery would be able to show the doctors the part that is affected.

How do I describe the pain?

Most of the people who are asked to describe the pain do not know where to begin. All we know is that our abdomen is painful. Some people may describe the pain as bearable or unbearable. But this is quite subjective. Here are a few tips on how you could describe the pain that you feel so that the doctors could successfully identify what is wrong with you.

  • When did you start feeling the pain?

You could describe if the pain suddenly just appeared or if you felt it after you ate or bumped your body.

  • Where in your abdomen do you feel the pain?

You can use the quadrants to help you pinpoint the location of the pain. The different organs are found in the different quadrants. In that way, the doctors could consider the organs found in that area.

  • How does the pain feel like?

Doctors could ask you if you feel waves of pain or constant steady pain. The different characteristics on how you feel pain could help a lot in the diagnosis.

  • How long have you been feeling the pain?

You should be able to tell the doctors when the pain started and for how long you have been feeling it.

  • What do you do to lessen the pain?

You should observe carefully the things that you do that makes the pain more bearable. Some people find vomiting to relieve their pain while others take in antacids to help them feel better.

  • Are there any other signs?

Tell your doctor if you are having fever, diarrhea or even bleeding. This will all help in your diagnosis.

How does the doctor diagnose my condition?

After you tell them everything that they ask you to describe, the doctors will examine you and take a look at you. A physical exam may be done. They may try and feel the area that is painful. They may also use their stethoscope to try and hear what is going on inside your abdomen. After this, they will ask you to undergo some tests. They may get samples of your blood and test the different enzymes in your blood to know if your organs are properly functioning. They may also use imaging devices like x-rays and ultrasounds to take a look at your insides. Sometimes the doctors may also request an endoscopy. With this procedure, a camera would be guided inside your body to see your internal organs. If they still can’t find what may have caused the pain, they could ask you to go under surgery. This would enable them to look closely inside your body. It is important that they correctly diagnose your condition so that they would be able to give proper medication and treatment for your condition.

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