The Importance Of The Right Bed

the right bed to relax your back

Choosing a comfortable mattress for a good night sleep

The importance of being bed-savvy. Studies show that we spend 1/3 of our lives asleep – that’s 20 years of shut-eye by the time we’re 60. Although it might seem that we’re snoring our lives away, getting the right amount of sleep is so important, especially in a world where 1/3 of people suffer from sleeping disorders that directly impact their well-being and health. Choosing the right bed may not be a cure for insomnia, but there is a bed out there for everyone, and it can help you get a better night’s kip.

Say No to Second-Hand Mattresses

A bed’s life expectancy is 7 years. By that point, a mattress will have deteriorated by 75% from its former state. Do not be tempted to pinch pennies and buy a mattress second-hand. We sweat approximately half a pint of fluid every night, so the mattress will be unhygienic; dust mites will have colonised the bedding, which is bad news for asthma sufferers; and it will be moulded to the shape of the previous owner, so it will be giving you support in all the wrong places. If that doesn’t put you off, we don’t know what will.

Sleeping in Style

We can talk bed mechanics all day, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t admit that our main worry is: will this bed look fantastic in my house? Will it match the bedroom furniture? An inviting looking bed, tailored to your style, is half the battle. Duvet and pillow covers are interchangeable, but a stylish and functional bed is for life (…or 7 years).

Sharing is Caring

Do you share a bed with a partner? Depending on the individual, size should be a key factor in choosing your bed. Not everyone has an Olympic-sized bedroom, granted, but you should choose a bed as big as possible. A standard double bed is not big enough for most couples, and can intrude on healthy sleeping patterns. The greater distance between you and your partner means they’re less likely to roll over and elbow you in the face whilst you’re sleeping; it’ll also give you the space you need to sleep unimpeded. Lack of sleep makes for grumpy people, so do yourself and your relationship a favour by choosing the perfect bed for you.

Take Your Bed For a Test-Drive

In a double-dip recession, we are trying to cut back our expenditures, but one thing you shouldn’t be stingy about is your choice of bed – it’s one of the most important investments in your life. Go shopping for beds and know your stuff: open coil, pocket sprung, visco-elastic, latex foam…do your research! And take your time. Test-drive every bed you’re interested in by lying on the mattress in a comfortable position (just try not to fall asleep – that can be embarrassing). Your check list should look like this: support, comfort, availability, luxury, size, and style. If it ticks every box, snap it up quick.

Zoe is an experienced blogger and copywriter who loves to write content on health-related topics. She is currently collaborating with Archers Sleep Centre to promote the importance of a great night’s sleep.


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