The Best Mattresses for People With Back Problems

The Best Mattresses for Back Problems

There is no doubt that the mattress you sleep on has a direct impact on the condition of your back. And if you already suffer from back problems you should take extra care when choosing your mattress as the wrong choice could exacerbate your existing problem. There are thousands to choose from, made by all of the big brands and some smaller specialists. Finding the right one can be confusing and time consuming. To help you make the best choice we have provided a comprehensive guide to some of the best mattresses for back pain sufferers on the market at the moment. Before starting the guide it is crucial to remember that, when it comes to mattresses, it’s about personal preference. You will never find one mattress that is perfect for everyone. Weight, height and many other factors determine which mattress is best for you.

Three of the best mattresses – in no particular order

Best mattress from Sealy Posturepedic

Sealy Posturepedic Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses are known for their support and comfort. They are the only mattresses endorsed by the American Orthopaedic Advisory Board due to their supportive characteristics. Their research has led them to create mattresses that have greater support in key areas including the lower back. This means that there is more pressure where you need it and less where you don’t. In recent years Sealy has taken a bit of a bashing for a slip in quality but it seems that they have responded to this criticism. Their most recent ranges appear to be back to the usual high standards. The Sealy Backcare Elite Mattress, as the name suggests, provides maximum support. It was designed with the help of orthopaedic specialists so if you suffer from back problems it could be the right choice for you.

Another company that specialise in mattresses for back problem sufferers is Tempu-Pedic,

Mattress from Tempur Cloud Supreme

Tempur Cloud Supreme

also known also known as just Tempur outside the USA. The company came about when NASA developed a new material to provide comfort to astronauts during lift off. It became apparent that the technology used could be transferred to a commercial product in the form of high end mattresses and quality beds. The Tempur Cloud Supreme is rated as an extremely comfortable yet supportive mattress. The fact that the mattress conforms to your personal body shape and weigh means that you get support in all of the areas you need and good spinal alignment. The body shaping foam also takes the pressure off the bodies main pressure points, which gives your back and spine time to recover. This is by far the most expensive option in the list mainly due to the cost of the materials used. Very expensive but most likely worth the price.

Relieving back pain with Silentnight Prestige Ortho mattress

Silentnight Prestige Ortho

Another excellent mattress for sufferers of back pains is the Silentnight Prestige Ortho. Silentnight is one of the world’s leading bed and mattress manufacturers and their range is vast. Their Prestige Ortho mattress uses the patented Miracoil 3 spring system. The springs are placed down the mattress (head to toe) instead of across, which means that you get optimum support without being affected by your sleep partner. There are extra springs across the centre of the mattress to provide additional support to the lower back and spine area.

As mentioned above, choosing a mattress is all about what works for you. You have to find one that is suitable for your height, weight and firmness preferences. The three mattresses mentioned above are all designed for people with back troubles but that’s not to say that they will be the ideal mattress for you. has the latest mattresses on offer. Click here for more info.

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