The Best Exercises For Beginners

sit up exercisesExercise is one of the most important things that a person can do for their health. Without exercise, the body becomes weak and the stamina levels drop off dramatically. Exercise can not only help a person to lose weight, but can also increase the body’s defenses and help it to become stronger.   When one is beginning an exercise routine, it is important that they start out on the proper level. No one should start off full-force into any exercise routine without first consulting their doctor and also understanding the limits of their body. There are some excellent exercises that most beginners can start off with. These exercises will help the beginner to progress in their strength and increase their ability to handle more difficult workout loads.

The top five exercises for beginners include:

  1. Swimming is one of the best exercises for beginners. This aerobic exercise allows for a great workout without the strain on the body. This is wonderful for those who have conditions that prevent them from doing more traditional exercise. With the weightless feeling of the water, the body can get an excellent workout without the pain and pressure on the joints. Short laps of 10 to 15 minutes can easily be accomplished even for beginners.
  2. Walking is a wonderful exercise for most people, regardless of their health or fitness level. Doctors normally recommend walking as one of the best exercises, because there is little impact on the body and it can be done in short intervals so that one can build up strength. Walking for 15 minutes a day can do wonders for the fitness of the body and the stamina.
  3. Sit-ups are a relatively easy exercise for the person who is just starting out in getting their body in shape. Sit-ups should be done in short repetitions for the most benefit. It is better to do two 10 minute repetitions verses 20 minutes all at one time. Sit-ups can help to build up the core muscles and increase the strength levels of the body. The sit-up is done while a person lies flat on their back. They use their abdominal muscles to raise themselves up slightly and this position is often held for a few seconds, increasing the effectiveness.
  4. Leg lifts are also an easy option for most beginners. Leg lifts can be done while one leans against a wall. The leg should be lifted to the height of the waist area and held for a count of ten. The legs should be alternated and done in short repetitions of no more than 20.
  5. Light jogging is a great way for those who are just starting out to get themselves into shape. Jogging should be done with the proper shoes to ensure that there is little impact on the body. Jogging is very different from running and should be done in short bursts along with walking. This will help the stamina to increase and helps the cardiac system to begin to function better.

No matter what type of exercise one decides to do, it is important to get some type of movement in each day. This will strengthen the body and increase energy levels so that one is in better health.   There are many types of excercise equipment that can also help a person to get in shape. Treadmills and ellipticals are great tools for most people who want to get more excercise in their lives. Reading elliptical reviews and other reviews on fitness equipment can help a person to make the best choices for their needs.

+Roxanne Sonnich is interested in all things health and fitness, and she spends her time writing about those topics in an effort to help others. She thinks one of the best ways to figure out what exercise will work best for you is to read elliptical reviews and reviews on other equipment.

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