Ten Yoga Poses To Help With Lower Back Pain

Every day you come across warnings from people in the medical profession warning about lower back pain and especially sciatic nerve symptoms, and most people don’t do any form of exercise to help reduce the risk of getting any lower back pain. Fortunately there are many fantastic ways in which you can exercise to help reduce the risk of getting lower back pain and yoga is just one of them.

The following is a list of 10 of the best yoga excursuses that you can do to help with prevention.

1. The Triangle Pose: This classic yoga pose concentrates on the hips and spine and can help even the chronic back pain sufferer. As well as helping reduce lower back pain the triangle pose will also help tone your abdominal organs, spinal nerves and your leg muscles.

2. The Mountain Pose: This pose is one of yoga’s most essential poses; this pose is the starting and ending point of all of yoga’s standing excursuses. The mountain pose will help with the alignment of the spine and help improve your bodies overall movement.

3. The Pelvic Tilt: This is a basic yoga pose. It’s a fantastic pose for the abdominal muscles and will help in correcting the posture of your lower back. It’s also very good for your quadriceps, hamstrings and your hip muscles.

4. The Bridge Pose: This is a very easy pose to practice and is very effective in relieving lower back pain. This pose will help you achieve a flexible spine whilst at the same time it will strengthen your buttock muscles.

5. The Reclined Big Toe Pose: This popular yoga pose is used to stretch your calves and hamstrings. However it does also help to reduce any lower back pain that you might be suffering.

6. The Cat pose: This is an extremely popular pose and is used in Pilates as well as yoga for lower back pain prevention. It will help to with the alignment of the spine, strengthen your back muscles and develop spinal movement.

7. The Down Dog Pose: This pose is great as it will stretch and release any tension that you may have in your spine. It will likewise strengthen your arms, back and shoulders, it also helps to alleviate headaches.

8. The Cobra Pose: This pose will help with several areas including strengthening your spine, relive the lower back pain, stress relief and also help with sciatic nerve pain.

9. The Child pose: This yoga pose will help relieve stress, tension, fatigue and anxiety as well as helping with your back alignment.

10. The Corpse Pose: Don’t let the name of this pose put you off; this is excellent in relieving back pain as well as helping to reduce any depression and stress you may be suffering.

The above article has listed some of the best yoga poses for reducing lower back pain and some of them even come with a whole host of additional benefits. We strongly advise that if you would like to try any of the above yoga poses that you go and see a professional yoga teacher so that you can be sure you are doing them correctly, as with any form of exercise incorrectly performing the poses can cause even more pain.

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