Ten Reasons To Get That Relaxing Massage

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Massage Therapy

Many people who have not gone through a massaging exercise may not understand what it is all about, or what the benefit of the exercise is. The benefits of a massage have continued to be realized as people around the world continue to enjoy the sensation. Apart from the blissful and relaxing feeling, massage is a healing tool that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. Recent research has uncovered the many health benefits of a massage, and it is now incorporated in the treatment of many diseases. The benefits of massage range from treatment of chronic diseases and injuries, to relieving stress and tension. It not only feels good, it will also cure you from a number of ailments.


Benefits Of Massage

Having a massage helps to relax the body and mind bringing peace that is essential for good health. It produces a meditative state that provides spiritual and emotional balance. Specific psychological and physiological changes occur during the massage, and it can be used on a frequent basis as a preventative therapy. Other benefits include:

  • It increases circulation, which allows the body to pump more nutrients and oxygen into body tissues and the vital organs.
  • It stimulates the flow of lymph, which is the body’s natural defense against toxins. Massage can help to increase the cells that fight cancer, in patients who are suffering from breast cancer.
  • Massage improves the skin condition due to the increased circulation of blood. The skin is left looking smooth and radiant after the massage session.
  • It softens and relaxes muscles that have been injured or are overused, and reduces cramping and spasms. It is very beneficial for athletes and helps to keep them fit and in good physical condition.
  • It increases joint flexibility, while also reducing recovery time during strenuous workouts. It also eliminates the chances of getting pains at any level of the workout.
  • Massaging releases endorphins, which are the body systems natural painkiller. It can be used on those with chronic illnesses and injury, as well as those recovering from surgery.
  • It helps to decrease discomfort and improve motion for those suffering from lower back pain.
  • It is effective in reducing and realigning scar tissue after healing, for those who have undergone surgery. This improves the appearance of the skin, as the scar is less visible.
  • Massage relieves pain for those who suffer from migraines, reducing the need to use medication.
  • It helps to shorten the labor for pregnant women, while also reducing the need for medication. It reduces anxiety and the woman is less likely to get depressed after a massage.

The importance of touch cannot be over-emphasized. Being deprived of this important human need can lead to emotional dysfunction and disease. Touch therapy should begin at infancy as little babies benefit greatly from a light massage. It leads to increased alertness as well as a sense of increased well-being and increased weight gain. The babies tend to cry less due to the relaxing sensation of the massage. They become better adjusted socially, as they gain a sense of security and feel loved.

Sam Walters owns a spa that deals with massage and spa treatment. He also writes blogs on different massage treatment for body on gym membership.

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