Taking Care Of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common thing you should not panic about; it happens on all expectant women. While it’s inevitable to suffer back pains, it’s quite possible to alleviate the problem and enjoy your expectancy period.

The source of the aches originates from the production of excess progesterone in the female body. This only occurs during pregnancy and leads to softening of the ligaments and spinal discs. The strain resistance of lumbar muscles will then reduce which will trigger spasms or aches at the early stages of pregnancy.

Back aches during expectancy can be taken care of in a number of ways; one of them is exercising. We are not talking about weight lifting, just simple exercises that ensure the back muscles are stretched and relaxed to make them stronger as well as get blood flowing in the spinal region. Doctors prescribe exercising for pregnant mothers more than taking medication. It is safer for the baby this way than swallowing pain relief pills. Some low impact workouts we can prescribe are bridging and walking. Bridging involves lying on the floor with your backs, bending your knees and performing a series of lifts on your backside.

Do you love massages? Who doesn’t? It’s also a great way of reducing back pain during pregnancy. Your spouse could help you with a series of soothing rubs every evening after a long day’s work. You can position yourself sideways with your back facing your spouse and not with the abdomen down (unless the bump hasn’t already appeared). Here is more good news, your spouse doesn’t have to be a professional massager to give you a good rub; you only need some ointment and you pointing to where the pain is.

Resting is also a good way of alleviating back problems during expectancy. It’s impossible for a pregnant woman to get a good rest, especially if they have to work during the day and still come back and take care of the smaller kids at home. This is where your spouse comes in; he can take over the kids at intervals while you sneak away for a nice snooze. Getting some rest at intervals during the day helps you to cope better and can even prevent back ailments in the first place.

Ever heard of Chiropractic care? It’s one of the relevant lines in medicine that deal with therapy on the spine and body pelvis. From a chiropractic point of view, the body is prone to misalignments in the joints due to some factors; one of these factors is pregnancy. Pregnancy causes strains on the spine which can lead to pinching or trapping of nerves around the spine region. Of course pain will come from that. Chiropractic care is thus vital at such stages. The chiropractors can also personalize their care upon a patient’s request so as to reap the maximum benefits from the process.

Back pain during pregnancy may not be avoided, but it can sure be taken care of and make pregnancy a joyful experience.

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