Stress-Free Shopping at a Mattress Factory

With so many options to choose from, buying a new mattress has turned into a convoluted shopping adventure, not unlike purchasing a car. Studying the types of spring coil used in mattresses and box springs can be overwhelming, even with the cross-section models that retailers gleefully present to customers to add some science to their sales spiel. Aside from specialty mattress retailers and general furniture stores, mattresses can also be purchased directly from a mattress factory. This last option is perhaps the most interesting place to get some mattress education.

Best mattress for back painAs with any big-ticket purchase, the best approach to bagging the best deal is to research the products prior to any face time with sales representatives. So much information on mattress construction, materials and designs are easily accessible online that it would be hard for anyone to approach the subject blindly. Preparation is key to spending $300 to $3,000 wisely.

Determine the must-have features by making a list and noting why these features are non-negotiable. Prioritize these preferences and plan the shopping trip accordingly. Mattresses are mainly made of fabric combined with springs, foam and padding. Mattress quality will vary based on the number and type of coils, the amount of foam and padding used and the type of fabric covering used on the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are not made with springs so bedding quality will depend on the kind of foam used. It is difficult to verify mattress quality based on brand or series name only. Often, the same type of mattress is rebranded for different retailers.

This is where it becomes more advantageous to venture into a mattress factory. These places will allow buyers to experience mattress manufacturing first-hand. Better understanding of the process and the materials involved gives customers a chance to make an informed decision for a purchase that should last for the next five to ten years.

There is no magic formula to determine which mattress is best for a specific condition. Surveys have attempted to quantify the benefits of one mattress type over another, but sleep satisfaction is an elusive and subjective assessment. What it comes down to is that the most reliable way to find the most suitable mattress is to field test as many as possible by lying down on each one.

Spend as much time as needed lying down on mattresses, simulating normal sleep positions. Armed with a personal preference and priority list, compare mattresses based on comfort, durability and support. Read labels, compare feature for feature and ask questions. Some mattresses look very impressive because of the outer fabric. However, mattresses are seldom used bare without pads, sheets and all manner of bedding piled on. Hence, a mattress should not be judged by its cover alone.

When it comes to buying a mattress, price points can make or break the deal. Because a middle man is not part of the transaction, the best value can usually be obtained at a mattress factory. Shopping at one will be an instructive experience that may yet result in significant savings.

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