Sleep Away Your Arthritis Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, you most likely have had problems sleeping at night. Arthritis pain is often relentless, and it can intensify during the night hours. The lightest amount of pressure on your joints can cause a flare-up. Simply changing positions in bed is enough to create excruciating pain. Fortunately, you have options when it comes to easing your arthritis discomfort.

Adjustable bed

Adjustable bed

Choose Your Bed Wisely

Sleeping in the wrong bed can aggravate arthritis. Conventional flat beds do not provide support to your back or extremities. In a regular bed, the position of your body creates pressure on various areas. Joints that are already inflamed may worsen because of this compression. The best way to alleviate the burden on your joints is to modify the position of your body during slumber.

Adjustable beds provide support and relieve joint pressure. By choosing the right bed, you can reduce your arthritis pain in a natural, convenient way. With an adjustable bed, you can select the best position to relieve your individual symptoms. Your body will align correctly, and your blood circulation will improve. Proper alignment may not only alleviate arthritis symptoms, it may improve your overall sleep pattern as well.

Selecting the Bed That is Right for You

There are a large variety of beds you can choose from, and the type you select depends on your personal needs. If you plan to use your bed for entertainment purposes such as watching television or reading, opt for one that offers a range of settings. You can also choose a king-size bed that allows you and your partner to adjust your individual beds to your preferred levels.

The most important aspect of an adjustable bed is the mattress. A quality mattress should provide flexible and even support that aids in relieving the pressure on joints. It should move freely during adjustments, and it shouldn’t sink after use. The best level for arthritis pain is a zero gravity setting which allows you to elevate your head and your legs at the same time.  This aligns the body in a position of least resistance to gravity, which in turn reduces the buildup of arthritic pain during the night.

Reduced Pain Means Healthier Living

Traditional spring mattresses deteriorate with time and use. Eventually, your joints and muscles become irritated due to misalignment. This may cause you to continually change your sleep position, which can aggravate your joints more. A well-made mattress on an adjustable bed will be durable enough to withstand the repeated position changes. Your sleep will not be interrupted, which means your body will have time to rest each night and you will wake feeling rejuvenated.

When your arthritis pain decreases, the inflammation of your joints is lessened. This creates an overall healthy environment for your otherwise aching bones. An adjustable bed allows you to choose any sleep position that works for you. This customizable way of sleeping means you can make changes from day to day and establish your own comfort schedule.

The severity of arthritis varies from person to person, and pain can range from sporadic and mild to persistent and unbearable. Adjusting the way you sleep can make a significant difference in the amount of discomfort you feel every night. An adjustable bed not only provides temporary relief from your pain; it will improve overall quality of sleep so you can start your day feeling relaxed and revitalized.


This guest post was written by independent journalist Daniel C. Fitzgerald who frequently blogs about Health and

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