Six Reasons Why A Massage Offers So Much More Than Relaxation

Massage offers relief for back pain

If you have never had a massage before you probably thought it was just something you do to make you feel good. Relax a little and have a professional run hot oil over your back. But did you know about the real benefits of a massage? You might be surprised to know that feeling good is just scratching the surface. They are absolutely fantastic for your body and your mind. No wonder they cost so much. Now it all makes sense. Let’s have a look at some of those benefits and see what you think about them.

Get rid of your pain

We all have aches and pains that seem to stick around for much longer than we’d like. One little massage and all your pain can be gone, of course that depends on what’s wrong with you. There are many people with chronic illnesses that have regular massages and it helps keep their pain at bay. There are different types of massage that will alleviate pain and you’ll have to choose carefully to make sure you’re not wasting your time. Even though an oil massage is great, it’s not going to perform miracles.

Forget about stress

We are all stressed. The only problem is, some of us are a lot more stressed than others. There will probably be a few people at your work who can’t get about of bed without fighting the stress every morning. Massage has a way of letting you forget about all your troubles. It will release endorphins that send waves of happiness all around your body. You will feel like you’re melting away with each stroke of your body. If you have any level of stress you should think about adding a massage into your diary.

It will increase your circulation

Once the massage begins your blood will begin to flow around the body a lot easier. This is a huge health benefit. It will take all that waste out of your internal organs and muscles. As the blood flows around your body all your organs will be replenished with more fresh oxygen. If you have ever meditated before you should know what it feels like when the muscles begin to relax and more blood flows around the body.

And also your immune system

Most of us have terrible immune systems because our diets are rubbish and we don’t get enough sleep. The terrible stress we are under also helps weaken it. The immune system is vitally important. We couldn’t fight off infections and colds if it was not there. That’s why people get so sick. Their body doesn’t have the power to fight anything. A lovely massage will improve your immune system and keep you healthy.

Heart attack prevention

Your blood pressure will lower when you have a massage. We all know that high blood pressure can be a killer. We could take a heart attack and drop dead on the floor. It’s pretty scary stuff. All your stress and anxiety will lead to high blood pressure. You need something to fight it and that’s where a massage comes in. It will reduce your stress-hormone levels which will cause your blood pressure to drop.

Say goodbye to bodily toxins

Your body is filled with toxins that you don’t want there. You need a way to flush them out. There’s lots of things a massage can help with. It will get rid of the lactic acid build-up that’s stored in your muscles. This is good for anyone who plays sport or goes to the gym. It can get rid of mucus from the lungs. That doesn’t sound nice, but it’s better than being inside you. It also helps with sinus drainage.

Shikha Chawal is a certified masseuse who is the owner of mumbai massage parlour. She has been in this industry since the last 15 years rendering quality services to her esteemed clients.

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