Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is prevalent in almost 80% of women who are pregnant. This is a common factor to occur because of all the weight shifted to the stomach area. There are a number of factors that contribute to back pain during pregnancy.

  1. The body produces a variety of hormones which causes the ligaments and pelvis to soften thus making it difficult for women to stabilize.
  2. Because of the weight shifted to the abdomen area the center of gravity is changed.
  3. Trying to relax the ligaments causes additional strain on the back.
  4. The overstretched abdominal muscles cannot handle the entire weight of the uterus so the spine and back has to bear extra weight
  5. Rarely women stay in the correct posture which causes back pain during pregnancy.

Although there are a number of causes of back pain during pregnancy there are also a number of ways to avoid the discomfort level and reduce the amount of pain.

Keeping a Good Posture during pregnancy

The best way to avoid back pain during pregnancy is practicing and maintaining a good posture. Standing and sitting with care is important here. While standing make sure that the posture of the body is straight and shoulders are back and relaxed. If standing for longer periods is required it is better to rest one foot on a low step stool.  Always sit on a chair that supports the back. Placing a pillow to support the back is also helpful.

Bending Properly

One mistake that most women do during pregnancy is bending in the wrong posture. This is also a major cause of back pain during pregnancy. In order to lift an object it is recommended to squat down and lift with the legs rather than bending the waist and lifting with the back.

Sleeping On Any Side

It is most appropriate to sleep on one side and not on the back to avoid back pain during pregnancy. While sleeping keep knees bent or place pillow between the knees to raise the lower area of the body.

 Light Stretching Exercises during pregnancy

Many women avoid movement or exercise during pregnancy because of discomfort. But light stretching exercise helps in keeping the muscles tight and reducing the amount of back pain during pregnancy. It will also help in keeping the back strong. There are many exercises that can be done while standing and sitting daily to keep the back as flat as possible.

Wearing the Right Shoes and Clothes during pregnancy

Low heeled shoes and maternity clothes are ideal for women during this time. Low heels or flats will put less pressure while leaning forward and maternity clothes makes it easy to move around in the correct postures.

Light Massaging

Light heat and cold packs can also help in reducing back pain during pregnancy. However this should be done under supervision so as to avoid over massaging and causing internal problems. Rubbing the back occasionally will also help in controlling the back pain during pregnancy.

If back pain during pregnancy persists some external treatments can also be considered like getting help from a chiropractor or a therapist. However this should only be approached under the consultation of health care provider.

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