Red Wine Can Prevent Back Pain

For several years now, scientists have been proclaiming the curative properties of red

Back pain and red wine correlation

Red Wine

wine. They have said that a glass per day can lower your cholesterol and also lower your blood pressure. This is because the alcohol in wine can thin the blood and help it to flow around partially blocked arteries a lot easier. The anti-oxidants in wine are said to reduce cholesterol by speeding up the metabolism of your body and breaking down the fats that you consume at a higher rate than you regularly would.

More recently, scientists have found that red wine also has restorative effects on the spine. In animal testing, studies have shown that the resveratrol that is found in wine grape skins can slow down the degeneration of the disks that are in between the spinal bones.

The studies were conducted by injecting resveratrol into the spines of animals. The resveratrol released a substance that is called proteoglycan, which is the main ingredient that slowed down the degradation and prevent pain in spinal discs.

Human testing on this theory was also conducted in France. This involved the test subjects having to drink an expensive red wine instead of having it injected into their spines. Half of the test group were given wine while the other half was given a placebo.  This study has also proven conclusively that red wine will prevent back pains and alleviate the ones that are already present.

The effects of red wine on the spine are not permanent. Most researchers have found that the effects only last for about 24 hours. This is another reason why a glass a day is more important than an occasional drink on the weekends. You are also going to want to be careful that you don’t get addicted to the alcohol in the wine, which can lead to a lot more problems than just pain in the back.

White wine however, does not have the same restorative affect that red has. This is due to the wine making process and that the skins of the grapes are removed immediately after the grapes are crushed. This keeps the necessary resveratrol out of the white wine, while the process of making red wine includes leaving the skins in the juice to extract their flavor, color and medicinal nutrients for the months that the fermentation process takes.

Scientists are hopeful that this research will aid in creating a medicine or treatment that will aid in preventing back problems for millions of people around the globe.

So, by only changing your diet a small amount to include one glass of red wine per day, you can prevent the back problems that are caused by a sedentary life style of watching the television or working behind a computer all day. You can also help to alleviate the pain that your back may currently be feeling no matter how minor or painful it may be.

Author Bio – Justin lock is a writer and wine enthusiast. He does not have a lot of pain in his back because he knows and enjoys the restorative properties of red wine daily. If you want to know more about making red wine at home then you can visit his website at


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