Natural Pain Relief and My Unborn Baby

When I found out I was pregnant all of a sudden I was filled with a whole new set of worries. Obviously I was ecstatic and thrilled that finally we were on our way to becoming a family, and I couldn’t wait to hold my baby in my arms, but I was also scared. With a new life inside me I wanted to make sure I stayed as healthy as possible and ensure I did everything I could to help my baby grow strong.

My Lifestyle Had an Overhaul

I made sure my diet was full of healthy choices such as fruit and veg and I practically stopped eating processed foods altogether. I worked hard on staying fit and went on long daily walks in the fresh air. The first problem I found when it came to my lifestyle was dealing with aches and pains without using pain killers. I have always had a bit of a bad back, down to my posture mainly but also because I was in an accident when I was a teen. From time to time it causes me grief still and until I fell pregnant I would take some strong pain killers to get me through. I hadn’t even thought of this until I started to get very bad pain and spasms about three months into my pregnancy, and so I needed to find an alternative.

After looking online and speaking to my midwife I decided to try a tens machine. This did work really well but the problem was I needed to carry it to work with me and to my friends’ houses and it was a bit embarrassing having to put patches on while I was out and about. Then a good friend of mine told me there was an alternative, a portable device which could be used anywhere and that did not require any sticky pads being applied. It sounded ideal so I purchased one online and I have to say it did help with the pain.

Creating the Birth Plan

When it came time to write my birth plan I knew I did not want to use drugs unless I absolutely had no choice. I mentioned my natural pain relief gadget and decided that I would pack that in my bag as it worked so well on my back.  When the big day came I actually found that the start of my labour was not as painful as I expected it to be. I stayed at home for most the day but as soon as my waters broke I wanted to go into the hospital immediately. Once there the midwife told me I was actually 8cm dilated, she seemed shocked which worried me a little but everything was going fine.

The Pain in My Back Started to Kick In

After being in the hospital for another hour or so I began to feel a lot more uncomfortable especially in my lower back. I did take a puff of gas and air but it made me feel sick so I asked my husband to get out my natural alternative and he used it on my back where I asked him to, I say asked it was probably more like an order at the time! Four hours after checking in my baby finally arrived, I had managed to bring her into this world without the use of drugs and I was amazed with myself. As soon as I saw her all the pain went away, it’s a feeling like no other. Drug free labour isn’t for everyone, but it was a wonderful experience for me and it is possible.

Drug free pain relief is available and is ideal if you are pregnant. Natural pain relief in labour can help you to push through and deliver your child without the use of drugs.



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