My Pregnancy Advice-The Importance of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy

I have had back pain for years and was afraid that pregnancy would make it worse. When I talked to my OB/Gyn, he said that it could make it worse, but chiropractic care could help to head off the pain. I started going to the chiropractor before I was even pregnant and could feel a difference after just a few adjustments. Once I got pregnant, I continued to go and I know that it made a difference. Even during my last trimester, I had very little pain and my labor and delivery went very smoothly. I want to share this with others.

Mainstream Doctors and Chiropractic Care

Most doctors will not recommend chiropractic care. I am unsure of the reasoning, but they just do not. I have talked to many women and they said that the doctor just shrugged off their back pain as normal. My doctor was not like that. He said that his patients had alleviated their back pain with regular adjustments and he recommended chiropractic care to all of his patients, whether they were pregnant or not.

Why Chiropractic Adjustments Work

Why do chiropractic adjustments work? I wondered this myself and did quite a bit of

How to reduce back pain during pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy

research on the topic before my first appointment. During pregnancy, hormone fluctuations can cause the muscles and joints to relax. This can cause them to get out of alignment and begin to cause pain. I thought it was only due to the extra weight that women carry during pregnancy, but my doctor said it was a combination of the two. Loosening the muscles of the pelvic floor and around the vertebrae of the spine can relieve the pain.

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

Understanding the reasons why you may have lower back pain can allow you to see how adjustments can help you to experience less back pain. What are the reasons for back pain?

  • If the vertebrae are out of alignment they can rub together and put pressure on the discs causing pain and further damage.
  • Increased pressure on vertebrae and muscles from the ever-growing baby.

This is why you have pain in the lower back. By strengthening the muscles that surround the spine and realigning the vertebrae, the chiropractor can give you some very real results that will allow you to enjoy your pregnancy relatively pain free. In addition, regular adjustments can help with labor and delivery as well, which I didn’t know when I first went to the chiropractor.

Labor and Delivery Made Easier

All women want to have a smooth labor and delivery. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you to achieve that goal in addition to aiding low back pain. They allow the pelvis to open up and relax the muscles to allow the baby to drop down into the pelvis and start labor when your body is ready. If the baby is not able to put pressure on the cervix, your labor may stall or not start at all. This is why many women have to have C-sections or have to be induced, which is hard on the mommy and the baby.

Being able to pass through the birth canal means that the baby has to be in the proper position. Breech position or unusual positioning can become an issue during delivery, causing the baby to get stuck or have problems. With regular chiropractic adjustments, this can help the baby to get into the right position to pass through the pelvic bones easily. This is a benefit that I did not realize that I would get from my regular adjustments, but it is one that I really appreciated when it came time to deliver my son. My labor was relatively quick for a first baby and my son delivered very smoothly and easily.

I want all women to know about the benefits of chiropractic care. Even if your doctor does not recommend it to you, do your research and learn more about it on your own. This can allow you to make a knowledgeable decision that is the best one for you and your pregnancy. Whether you want to alleviate back pain or help your delivery to go smoother, you will find that regular adjustments can help you to feel your very best during your pregnancy and do your best during delivery to allow you to welcome your little one as easily as possible.

Freelance writer, Melissa Cameron, discovered the Internet back in 2003 where she honed her love for research. With the help of, she is writing a series of health and work related articles. When not writing, she loves to explore the outdoors with her family and loves to travel.

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